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An option—a right that operates as a continuing proposal—given in exchange for consideration—something of value—permitting its holder to sell a particular stock or commodity at a fixed price for a stated quantity and within a limited time period.

A put is purchased for a fee paid to the person who agrees to accept the stock or goods if they are offered. The purchaser of this right to sell expects the price of the stock or commodity to decrease so that he can deliver the stock or commodity at a profit. If the price rises, the option need not be exercised. The reverse transaction is a call.


(Place), verb apply, assign a place, attach, base, deposit, dispense, fix, give, imbed, implant, infuse, inject, install, instill, introduce, lodge, park, place, plant, raise, repose, seat, set, site, situate, station, submit, tender
Associated concepts: constructive bailment, involuntary bailment


(Phrase), verb ascribe, attribute, cast, describe, impute, pose, posit, postulate, present, propound, say, set forth, state, throw
See also: advance, deposit, dispose, give, house, impute, introduce, locate, lodge, phrase, place, plant, raise, repose, situated, submit

TO PUT, pleading. To select, to demand; as, the said C D puts himself upon the country; that is, he selects the trial by jury, as the mode of settling the matter in dispute, and does not rely upon an issue in law. Gould, Pl. c. 6. part 1, Sec. 19.

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Move on nearly 30 years and it was a case of deja vu as a near fatal bout of pneumonia put paid to his tour last year and sadly, another no show.
Cammell Laird Reserves were grateful to Jamie Holmes and Lee Bridge whose strikes put paid to a Vauxhall Reserves outfit unable to summon a reply and Newton stayed in the hunt when the experienced Lee Kissock netted the only goal of the game in their contest against Willaston.
There are two certain ways to put paid to Guy Fawkes Night.
MY daughter's art success has put paid to her mother having a fly puff of a cigarette.
A billboard sign displayed outside the Bankstown store relaying details of the German retailer's Australian launch put paid to rumours it was behind schedule with plans to enter the market this year.
The French side had Thomas Lievremont sin-binned in the 70th minute and Cohen's third put paid to any hopes that Biarritz had.
Sean McCarthy fired a double that put paid to Bournemouth's unbeaten start and knock them off the top of the table.
Serviced floors have put paid to dull expanses of serviced ceilings; and here, ceilings of exposed concrete are coffered raking up to the outer edges to permit more light, the thermal mass of the structure itself designed to modify the climate.
37, but crashing through five out surely took something out of him and may have put paid to his chances.
The Anfield netted three to Santiago's one to put paid to their hopes while the Bulldog were awarded a home win in the walkover against Wright's Surveyors.
10 BY ANDREW STRATTON A LATE penalty goal put paid to Birkenhead in this National Three North League fixture.
His efforts to devolve government in Scotland were obviously not intended to better the Scots, but to put paid to his bitter enemies - the SNP.