put questions to

References in classic literature ?
In later times, when multitudes of people came from great distances to put questions to the oracle, a spacious temple of marble was erected over the spot.
People can put questions to the Chief Minister on Facebook.
There will also be an opportunity for landlords to hear presentations and put questions to a range of industry experts.
If you want to know more, then you must put questions to Manchester United, or perhaps to another club.
EURO MP Mike Nattrass is inviting people to put questions to him in a public meeting in Hampton-in-Arden on Monday.
The Afternoon with Sea Watch is on July 20, at 2pm at the museum's Interactive Room and includes ideas on helping to protect marine mammals, quizzes, prizes and the chance to put questions to the expert panel.
Final year student Lewis Tull has been selected to put questions to MPs at the House of Commons on Wednesday as part of the Voice of the Future 2013 event, marking national Science and Engineering Week.
Tonyrefail Comprehensive School Year 9 pupils Sofi Sheppard and Lauren Rees, above, put questions to Lord Coe at a press conference with the Olympian.
Students were then afforded the opportunity to put questions to Ratnayake, which went down well with all in attendance.
As the Deputy Chairman of the UN Human Rights Council, Kyrgyzstan has the opportunity to lead the discussions in plenary sessions, monitor compliance with the rules, call on participants, put questions to the vote and announce decisions, rule on points of order, etc, said the press service of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry.
More than 750 delegates will have the chance to put questions to the panel and join in the debate.
The clever kids also put questions to Cambridge mathematician Dr James Grimes via a live video link.