put questions to

References in classic literature ?
In later times, when multitudes of people came from great distances to put questions to the oracle, a spacious temple of marble was erected over the spot.
The pupils took in Thursday's weekly questions following an official tour of the Parliament building They were then invited to join Mr Crawford in one of the committee rooms, where they had the opportunity to put questions to their MSP.
There will also be the opportunity to put questions to the panel, too, and a special LFC quiz to find the Reds superfan on the night.
Those attending will have the opportunity to put questions to the panel.
The event is exclusive to Patrons members and will give fans the opportunity to put questions to Dean on all things at the club.
There was also the chance to put questions to stars including Star Wars C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels, Doctor Who's latest assistant Pearl Mackie and even David Bradley - whose appearances in three great fan favourite series - Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones - have earned him legendary status at these events.
When MPA Nusrat was barred from many questions of public importance, she complained that they (MPAs) put questions to ministers concerned but their replies come after two to three years in order of the day.
And fans will be able to put questions to King Kev, who managed the Magpies through the Entertainers era.
People can put questions to the Chief Minister on Facebook.com/shehbazsharif.
There will also be an opportunity for landlords to hear presentations and put questions to a range of industry experts.