put right

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Airdrie have picked up just two wins away from the Excelsior Stadium all season - a record which gaffer Findlay is keen to put right turn to page 67
"Serious faults are difficult to identify and can be costly to put right. It is worth getting professionals to survey the property before exchanging contracts."
put right Jon said: "Epstein had heard of The Beatles and decided to find out what they were like.
Investment company HarbourVest Global Private Equity Ltd (HVPE) declared on Monday that there were 211,535 put rights remaining to be issued as of 17 September 2010 pursuant to its market put right offer.
Pownall added: "There were a few minor niggles, which we'll put right for the next match, but the numbers were really good, which was encouraging as we're not the best known."
Islamabad, Jun 26 (ANI): Home Minister P Chidambaram today said that the upside down display of the Indian flag during his meeting with Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik is a minor issue, and added that the flag was put right after the fault was pointed out.
I have become a strong proponent of requiring that venture investors demand a "put right" (or, put option) as a contingency to committing venture capital to an angel round or early-stage equity financing.
So I think it is about time these people in the Freeman with their names on their car parking spaces start getting it put right and get their priorities put right.
It states: "This needs to be put right by the Welsh Assembly Government as a matter of urgency."
"I think those problems can be put right and they certainly will be put right."
The agreements are to waive the 31 January 2009 put right for USD15.6m in aggregate principle amount at maturity of the 2023 notes and to exchange USD18.9m in aggregate principal amount at maturity of the 2023 notes and USD70.9m in aggregate principal amount at maturity of the 2024 notes for an aggregate of USD5.6m in cash, 13.6m shares of the company's common stock and USD14.3m in aggregate principal amount of Mesa's new 8% senior unsecured notes due 2012.
The damage, likely to cost thousands of pounds to put right, was discovered at the weekend but has put the Sheldon offices out of action for a minimum of seven days.