put side by side

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But these two pictures help to show the extent of just one of the industrial sites - and put side by side with an image of how the area looks now, gives a real insight into times past and times future.
Put side by side with National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin's research-based creative non-fiction tome 'Manila, My Manila,' Del Rosario's work completes a circuit for me: I have a factual telling of Manila's physical history beside a reimagined Tondo, now just a small district of the capital, that sate my curiosity about what we are, outside as well as internally.
In his prominent piece "The Phoenix , " warm and cool colors are put side by side, from light phthalo blue to deep reds and chrome yellow.
This week, a (https://www.her.ie/celeb/this-side-by-side-photo-shows-how-prince-harry-looks-just-like-his-mum-princess-diana-454952) throwback photo of Princess Diana was put side by side with a photo of the Duke of Sussex, and their resemblance is uncanny.
'Besides, put side by side, the PDP's candidate is a better choice for the people of the State.
Smoking socially or occasionally, is generally seen as safer particularly put side by side to people who smoke a pack a day or more.
Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga are sure to make people laugh whenever they are put side by side. In a bid to get a rise out of Gonzaga, who is currently touring Europe with her family, Manzano relentlessly teased the comedienne.
The cost of this extravagance should be put side by side with the suitable venues and facilities available within Wales."
According to Patrick George, senior director of packaging engineering for DPS, "We decided that success would mean that when the bottles were put side by side, we couldn't tell the difference between glass and plastic." R&D/Leverage was able to accomplish the "look" that DPS wanted: From the overall shape to the embossed "S" logo, the PET bottle matches the appearance of the familiar glass bottle, but at only 1/15th the weight.
And, put side by side, Kenya is said to be doing better than many developed countries.
he 150,000 plates put side by side would reach all the way from Grafton Street to Dalkey in South County Dublin - not to mention the 40,000 bowls.
He added that the Azeri president has repeatedly announced that Islam and terrorism can never be put side by side.