put side by side

See: juxtapose
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The photo is put side by side an image of Prince George covering one of his eyes.
And, put side by side, Kenya is said to be doing better than many developed countries.
he 150,000 plates put side by side would reach all the way from Grafton Street to Dalkey in South County Dublin - not to mention the 40,000 bowls.
He added that the Azeri president has repeatedly announced that Islam and terrorism can never be put side by side.
I'd rather pick out fragments of memories that, when put side by side, would make an imperfectly fascinating montage of them.
Put side by side, the paintings within the collection create a collage of emotions and confessions, which lure the viewer into a surreal universe.
These missions addressed to the "dental" field, which last year has also attracted the attention of Australia, will be put side by side with the other training sessions for professionals of veterinary medicine and physiotherapy, in order to improve their knowledge on MLS[R], Hilterapia[R] and Magneto Therapy.
Steve "The images were then put side by side with the help of a graphic artist who pasted the still images next to one another on the screen.
We find our mission when we put side by side the picture of the world as it is with another picture of what it should be, as God would have it.
When put side by side with the original, untouched image of Middleton, distinct differences materialise," Stuff.
I have a series of sculptures which are memories of my hometown, and two videos, which I put side by side to juxtapose the idea of living in a city as opposed to living in a small town.
Cunard's commercial rival was the White Star Line and their new ship Titanic was enormous if put side by side with Lustitania.