put side by side

See: juxtapose
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Put side by side, the paintings within the collection create a collage of emotions and confessions, which lure the viewer into a surreal universe.
These missions addressed to the "dental" field, which last year has also attracted the attention of Australia, will be put side by side with the other training sessions for professionals of veterinary medicine and physiotherapy, in order to improve their knowledge on MLS[R], Hilterapia[R] and Magneto Therapy.
Steve "The images were then put side by side with the help of a graphic artist who pasted the still images next to one another on the screen.
When put side by side with the original, untouched image of Middleton, distinct differences materialise," Stuff.
I have a series of sculptures which are memories of my hometown, and two videos, which I put side by side to juxtapose the idea of living in a city as opposed to living in a small town.
Cunard's commercial rival was the White Star Line and their new ship Titanic was enormous if put side by side with Lustitania.
The second part of book, following on from the facsimile, contains Ni Mhunghaile's own literal translations of the Gaelic originals, which are put side by side with the Gaelic texts, followed by a commentary which focuses mainly on the strategies and choices made by Brooke in her translations and the inevitable significant variations from the originals which thereby arise.
You can not put side by side the terrorist organization with my citizens of Kurdish origin.
Put side by side with world leaders, Dubai is nearly 100 points below Singapore and Hong Kong in terms of the international average in science or mathematics of students in both the fourth and eight grades.
There are two predominant binocular designs: Porro prism or those shaped like a couple of Z's put side by side and roof prism binoculars or those that are simply a couple of straight barrels laid side by side.
After seeing the bust of Alan Shearer by Reuben Gettings I would like to see him make a bust of Jackie and both put side by side outside the booking office on the corner of Barrack Road and Strawberry Place.
SED TVs use the same number of such emitters -- put side by side on a glass substrate -- as that of luminescent pixels lined up on another glass substrate.