put straight

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I must get it arranged and put straight before you go into it.
said the niece, "that you should know so much, uncle- enough, if need be, to get up into a pulpit and go preach in the streets -and yet that you should fall into a delusion so great and a folly so manifest as to try to make yourself out vigorous when you are old, strong when you are sickly, able to put straight what is crooked when you yourself are bent by age, and, above all, a caballero when you are not one; for though gentlefolk may he so, poor men are nothing of the kind
Yes, all this must be put straight and above-board, there must be no more passionate renouncements, such as Rogojin's.
Mahrez trained yesterday after 10 days absent, following his failure to force a move to the Etihad - and was put straight into the Foxes' travelling party.
Mahrez trained yesterday after 10 days absent following his failure to force a move to the EPL leaders - and was put straight into the travelling party.
Spoon into the lined tin, then put straight to the freezer for three hours or overnight.
Winger Vlasic was put straight into the matchday squad and came off the bench for the last 10 minutes of Saturday's 3-0 home reversal to Tottenham Hotspur with his side already three goals down.
The image was completely raw, it was taken on my Canon 16 and put straight on my phone.
I FEEL that it is necessary to put straight some inaccurate points in yesterday's story about delayed bin collections in Newcastle.
New boss Feeney is hoping that record can be put straight this weekend, with his side still only four points above the relegation places and still casting anxious glances over their shoulders.
They also have a filter you can put straight in your salad crisper section in the fridge, PS8.
uk, June 16, and Western Mail, June 17), and I would like to put straight a few things that were suggested in the article.