put to flight

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The red warrior whom he had put to flight turned in the entrance to the palace, and, seeing Carthoris' intent, snatched a rifle from those that he and his fellows had left leaning against the wall as they had rushed out with drawn swords to prevent the theft of their prisoner.
The men I have put to flight will return reinforced; if they find us here, we are lost.
"The uniform of the king's musketeers carries a certain respect with it, and even if that were not the case I would engage with four of my men to put to flight a hundred of these clowns."
Old John, immensely flattered by the personal notoriety implied in this familiar form of address, answered, with something like a knowing look, 'I should believe you could, sir,' and was turning over in his mind various forms of eulogium, with the view of selecting one appropriate to the qualities of his best bed, when his ideas were put to flight by Mr Chester giving Barnaby the letter, and bidding him make all speed away.
Their leaders were men who had sported so long with life, that when Thought and Wisdom came, even these unwelcome guests were led astray by the crowd of vanities which they should have put to flight. Erring Thought and perverted Wisdom were made to put on masques, and play the fool.
And a young man is very much like the soldier who will walk up to the cannon's mouth, and is put to flight by a ghost.
While military strategists prepared for a final offensive to drive ISIS from Iraq's second largest city, staff of Caritas Internationalis, Catholic Relief Services, and other relief agencies prepared for what some feared could be the humanitarian crisis of 2016: More than 1 million people may be put to flight across the desert as the fight for Mosul intensifies.