put to inconvenience

See: discommode
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The CCU portion where Jayalalithaa was admitted was cordoned off to ensure other patients and their attendants were not put to inconvenience.
Hundreds of passengers in different parts of the state were put to inconvenience by the flash strike.
The Delhi High Court held that the procedure laid down under section 245 is mandatory because an assessee cannot be put to inconvenience if a wrong and incorrect adjustment is made.
The ministry has decided to hold the shifting of operations to ensure that domestic passengers are not put to inconvenience in any manner due to the shift.
I think we need to put in a little bit more effort to make sure that the youngsters are not put to inconvenience like it happened in the last two days.
3 : to put to inconvenience <Don't trouble yourself, I can do it.
It took more than a week and the public were put to inconvenience and expense.
Information and communication are vital if the paying public are not to be put to inconvenience that would deter them from attending regularly.
The railways functioned on Wednesday, but those who had to catch trains or travel from railway stations to their homes were put to inconvenience.