put to press

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Part 2.9, edited by Felix Heinimann, contains the Collectanea, a collection of 823 proverbs with a short commentary (published in 1500 and again in 1506), which can be considered as a finger exercise for the magnum opus, put to press for the first time now almost 500 years ago by Aldus Manutius during Erasmus's stay in Venice.
But the judge did say the Ministry of Defence was at fault and should be criticised for failing to tell Dr Kelly that his name would be confirmed by the MoD if it was put to press officers by reporters as the source for Mr Gilligan's story.
And ironically, since TV shows are cancelled quicker than a book can be put to press, many of the programs Lechner discusses are already history ("The Martin Short Show," "Work With Me," "It's Like, You Know ...," "Action," and "The Mike O'Malley Show," to name just a few), while seminal shows like "Survivor" are not mentioned at all.