put to rest

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Rumours of a tiff between the two put to rest during photo- ops
This matter can only be put to rest by a vote, because there will always be members from Telangana and Seemandhra.
That joke should be the last word on an issue that must be put to rest.
We will drink, party, and socialize to the point of exhaustion but will never put to rest the lonely fires within us.
In an effort to put to rest Sigmund Freud's long-held premise that gays and lesbians are just immature heterosexuals, Mark Biernbaum, an assistant professor of child development at California State University, Sacramento, questioned 56 Seattle-area 18- to 25-year-olds, matching each non straight participant with a straight peer.
For example, Taddeo's approach to Cervantes's La espanola inglesa hinges on the assumption that the novela is best understood as romance, a view put to rest by Carroll Johnson in his article "La espanola inglesa and the Practice of Literary Production" (Viator 19 [1988]).
Many early concerns about the utility of genomics technologies have largely been put to rest, but several issues remain to be resolved if toxicogenomics is to live up to its full potential.
Half a century later, the view of nature as a teacher was put to rest by Matthew Arnold, in a poem entitled "To an Independent Preacher.
It's about time this out- moded custom was put to rest, then perhaps we can have some peace in our lives.
The crew of the tenth Wasp felt privileged to help put to rest a veteran from their namesake ship.
CAN somebody please put to rest this myth that poor old Walter Smith is one of the great European managers, but he hasn't had a penny to spend?
Speaking to the 600 delegates, King Abdullah put to rest any lingering doubts about his ability to lead his country following the death of his father, King Hussein, in February.