put to shame

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And then when you're put to shame, you even have the guts to get angry.
The Indian brutalities against Kashmiris had put to shame the entire humanity, he added.
Summary: Welcome to our kitchen, wifey said as I entered her little big culinary world with a demeanour that would put to shame an Indian bride poi...
Indeed, the adage which says that an idle hand is the devil's workshop is about to be put to shame in the lives of the 100 teenagers as their fortune is about to change in the space of six months; teenagers that have no known skills, now have the required ability to stand on their own and become employers of labour are about to start a life-changing journey rather than waste their time engaging in irrelevant and unproductive activities while awaiting admissions into higher institutions of learning.
The 29-year-old Sotto earlier said that Eusebio has the right to file a protest, although, Sotto said, Eusebio will be the one who will be put to shame and not them.
'When someone says 'Sisi Rondina' I just want them to remember me as someone who gave it her all for UST, someone that didn't let UST be put to shame,' said Rondina in Filipino Saturday at Mall of Asia Arena.
Both musicians belied their years and put to shame younger musicians as Wilko strutted the stage with guitar held menacingly like a musical machine gun spitting out chords whilst Watt-Roy bounced enthusiastically playing funky runs to accompany drummer Dylan Howe's powerhouse thumping.
Not to be ageist or anything but her lovelife would put to shame those of women half her age.
They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court."
In this regard, Kedah were put to shame after losing 0-2 in the league match against Melaka United at Darul Aman Stadium, Alor Setar.
The kids, they always get the blame, But I'm sure the adults should be put to shame.
The report should put to shame the province's ruling party and its hollow claims of bringing significant improvement in the living conditions of the rural population.