put to the vote

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I have no time to lose, and I propose that the matter be put to the vote at once."
The question relating to the admission of novels was postponed, and the question of dancing or no dancing was put to the vote on the spot.
The motion is expected to be put to the vote at the end of today's parliament session.
TODAY The Commons debate on Brexit comes to a conclusion with Michael Gove due to wind up the debate in favour of a deal the PM does not want to put to the vote.
The draft of the anti-Iranian resolution should be also discussed and put to the vote in the next session of the UN General Assembly.
Concerning the areas of the 691 projects that were put to the vote, the culture was the one that presented the most applications, having received a total of 44 431 votes.
His candidacy was put to the vote and it was decided to decline his candidacy as well.
A Sinn Fein plan to reduce prices by 25% for "voluntary and community-based groups" was put to the vote at Belfast City Hall.
HULL'S proposed rebrand will again be put to the vote by the Football Association Council today.
The introduction of compulsory voting and e-voting in Bulgaria was also proposed to be put to the vote in the October referendum.
Gatilov called the resolution drafted by France and expected to be put to the vote on Thursday "intentionally politicized."
It will be put to the vote in the EP's plenary session between 14 and 17 April, and should then be formally adopted by the Council.