put to the vote

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The question relating to the admission of novels was postponed, and the question of dancing or no dancing was put to the vote on the spot.
HULL'S proposed rebrand will again be put to the vote by the Football Association Council today.
The introduction of compulsory voting and e-voting in Bulgaria was also proposed to be put to the vote in the October referendum.
Gatilov called the resolution drafted by France and expected to be put to the vote on Thursday "intentionally politicized.
Summary: MP for Edinburgh South West, Alistair Darling, says Scotland is "stronger as part of the UK", as the country's future is put to the vote.
Finance Committee chairman and DIKO vice chairman Nicolas Papadopoulos had made it clear that his party would reject the legislation if it was put to the vote.
The three-year agreement was reached with the Flight Attendants Association of Australia Domestic/Regional Division (FAAA) and will be put to the vote of around 2,150 customer service managers and flight attendants in approximately three weeks.
The draft resolution, to be put to the vote on October 12 and 13 in Brussels, says that the European Parliament urges all EU countries to keep their commitments in connection with the legislative framework of the bloc regarding the criteria for accession to Schengen, and to give up national populism.
Under the proposals, which will be put to the vote at next month's AGM, HSBC wants to cut the maximum payout for its long-term bonus plan from seven times salary to six and trim annual bonuses from up to four times salary to three.
The idea would be open for debate by other members of the site for up to four weeks before being put to the vote.
Many other matters must be addressed and made public before it is put to the vote.
It means yet another escape for Charley, who will probably go the moment the public gets its chance to sling her out, but who keeps avoiding being nominated enough to be put to the vote, to the chagrin of those who backed her at a shortest price of 1.