put to work

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So survey your assets to see if there is anything that might be liquidated and put to work through other investments.
Although bar codes most often are used at supermarket checkout counters to enter products' retail prices in cash registers, they're so adaptable they can be put to work in the front office, the back office, the factory and the warehouse.
If, as it is moderately popular to suppose, the United States has passed its zenith and entered a long period of decline, anthropologists of the next century will look back in amazement at an arrangement whereby the most ambitious and brightest members of each generation were siphoned off the productive work force, trained to think like a lawyer, and put to work chasing one another around in circles; where, as things got worse and worse, social reformers, cured by the Republicans of the habit of trying to solve all problems by throwing money at them, took to throwing lawyers at them instead; and where the portion of the population that went through a typical year happily oblivious of the legal profession slipped from two-thirds to one-half, to a quarter, to none at all.
Shopping profiles retailers that create an ultimate shopping experience and gives principles retailers can put to work in their store
A Fire Department helicopter normally used to fight wildfires was put to work dumping water on the burning homes.
Polyaspartic acid has also been put to work in controlling corrosion (SN: 5/4/91, p.
In July 2006, an article in The Journal of Investment Compliance cited the TIM as a good example of how relatively low-cost trade idea management systems can be put to work "capturing lost value and generating increases in productivity for all involved.
Explaining they have been sent from another convent, the two are put to work teaching high-school girls.
Scientists studying those fanciful allcarbon molecules called fullerenes have started off the new year with still more twists in how these molecules might be put to work in new materials.
Training Day is packed with nuggets of information which attendees can take directly back to their jobs and put to work to optimize their online presence," explains Shubhra Srivastava, Senior Analytics Consultant, Ecommerce Decision Sciences, InterContinental Hotels Group.
Like most spouses of German gentiles, however, Fabian was not sent to a concentration camp but put to work in a munitions factory.
Douglas and Mahowald hope to make an easy-to-use system that neurobiologists can put to work testing ideas about neural circuity.