put to work

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Main features: put to work safety standards PMR fire and accessibility of school and town hall building with extension of the kindergarten
"Our vision for gold is that it should be put to work for the economy, creating jobs, developing skills, generating exports and revenues -- an essential part of the financial, economic and social structure of the country," the WGC said in a statement at the second India International Bullion Summit in Mumbai.
Once there, he was tortured, starved and put to work on the infamous Death Railway, for which it is said one prisoner died for every railway sleeper that supports the track.
"When they arrived they were put to work in the leek fields, where many were intimidated, threatened and beaten."
They would stop the winter fuel payments and by the look of things we would be put to work cleaning the streets.
He focuses on tenant and owner representation in niche markets where his vision and creativity can be put to work for opportunistic and entrepreneurial clients.
WIFE killer Joe O'Reilly has been put to work in a prison kitchen - peeling and mashing spuds for other convicts.
Children orphaned in outer space are put to work on the Rings of Orbis when they're rescued--but Johnny discovers he's the first human Softwire, with a gift that allows him to enter any computer with his mind--and which makes him the focal point of a struggle between the Keepers who rule Orbis and the Council which wants him dead.
Under plantation slavery, older women were forced to care for the children of younger women, who were put to work in the fields.
When he arrives in England, because of his farm experience, he is put to work training horses for the cavalry.
Several of their suggestions were put to work at the national judging and will also be present at the national ceremony.
Military leadership principles translate well to business environments, and Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles I Learned In The Miliary And Put To Work For Donald Trump tells where Trump apprentice Perdew got his ideas.