put to work

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When they arrived they were put to work in the leek fields, where many were intimidated, threatened and beaten.
Perhaps they could be put to work repairing and sprucing up those.
Most of the nine appendixes are tools that can be pulled directly from the book and put to work by customizing them for your own organization.
We hope you'll cull some good ideas from these facilities that you can put to work in your own.
Investment advisor Al Peltier says he likes variable universal life insurance for clients Dawn and Scott Jackson because it has an investment component that allows net premiums to be put to work in subaccounts that invest in a corresponding portfolio of stocks, bonds, money market funds or fixed accounts, with a number of tax benefits.
Jobless young people are to be put to work in the New Year to insulate up to 20,000 homes of the poor and elderly, Scottish housing minister Malcolm Chisholm said yesterday.
By giving the appreciated stock to your favorite eco-charity, the whole $25,000 can be put to work.
He foresaw the emergence in the next century of four groups of people: computer experts; those being instructed and put to work by computer experts; those who wanted to be in the first two categories but felt alienated from them; and those `neo-Luddites' who turned their back on computer technology.
Arriving in Ottawa in 1941, McLaren was immediately put to work creating propaganda pieces for the war effort.
The President himself has proposed a lifetime limit on welfare of five years, and he is running television spots that advertise his toughness on the issue, saying that all welfare recipients must be put to work.
The story concerns Humphrey Van Weyden, a refined castaway who is put to work on the motley schooner Ghost.
Although bar codes most often are used at supermarket checkout counters to enter products' retail prices in cash registers, they're so adaptable they can be put to work in the front office, the back office, the factory and the warehouse.