put under arrest

References in classic literature ?
It was a flagrant breach of the rules, and the two fishermen were forthwith put under arrest.
On Monday the court ordered three of them, TKP members Deniz Sinan Tunaboylu, Bahtiyar E[currency]ahin and Ali AdygE-zel to be put under arrest, while the remainder of the detainees were released pending trial, the Radikal daily reported.
THE lavish Mediterranean style villa owned by former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has officially been declared a sub- jail, where he has been put under arrest.
Chavez, who had been put under arrest by the plotters, raised his fist amid cheering supporters as he returned to the presidential palace.
Tanks" decided that the two men must be put under arrest without their knowing it, while the security forces were alerted.
Emma Harrison and her Atherstone team told police officers they needed to be put under arrest.
He said all over the world and particularly in Pakistan the people have watched with concern and anguish the way a democratically elected president has been removed through force and put under arrest.
JuD chief Hafeez Mohammed Saeed, whom India considers as the mastermind of the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks in which 166 people were killed, was put under arrest after the ghastly attack following the UN ban.
Soon after the completion of Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan was overthrown by his own son Aurangzeb and put under arrest.
A total of 84 have been released and 31 put under arrest.
Pinochet, 82, was put under arrest on Friday while recovering from a back operation at a London clinic.