put under arrest

References in classic literature ?
It was a flagrant breach of the rules, and the two fishermen were forthwith put under arrest.
Otherwise the bank accounts of the RT's branch in the United States may be frozen and its chief put under arrest.
She was initially put under arrest as well in 2011, but later that detention order was lifted.
Zahoor Ahmad Watali was being questioned by the NIA sleuths before he was put under arrest, reported.
Some other city officials have been put under arrest on suspicion of helping in the irregular restitutions and will be brought before the panel.
He said hundreds of Hurriyat activists including the senior leadership were put under arrest prior to his arrival but hundreds of thousand people came out in different parts of Held Srinagar including women despite the curfew.
Anyone who will violate the Revised Penal Code and special laws will be put under arrest, Angeles said.
During the hour-long hearing, Gupta alleged that 40-50 policemen had abducted Tomar from his residence and he was later put under arrest.
On Monday the court ordered three of them, TKP members Deniz Sinan Tunaboylu, Bahtiyar E[currency]ahin and Ali AdygE-zel to be put under arrest, while the remainder of the detainees were released pending trial, the Radikal daily reported.
Two of the doctors put under arrest were chief paediatricians in hospitals, the statement said.
If Vasilev returns to Bulgaria, he should be put under arrest for up to 72 hours before prosecutors possibly decide to alter the pre-trial detention measure.
On bail for having held unauthorised meetings of reformists, Abulkhair was ordered to be put under arrest as he attended a fifth hearing, accused of insulting authorities in the ultra-conservative kingdom.