put under contract

See: engage, hire
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As per the 2016 National Budget, 483 850ha have been put under contract ranching at an expense of $362,9 million.
This farm adjoins the other Michigan blueberry farm the company recently put under contract.
In the mid-1940s, Scott was put under contract by Paramount to rival Warners' newest discovery Lauren Bacall.
Green Street noted that the differentiating feature in its index from others is that it captures prices on commercial real estate transactions currently in negotiations and/or put under contract rather than previously closed transactions.
2 billion of Manhattan commercial properties have been sold or put under contract.
recently was put under contract for the second time in three months.
Olivier brought Purdom to Hollywood in the '50s where he was put under contract at MGM.
Cost proposals needed to be clear and able to be put under contract quickly .
Henry knows most of the 60 he wants to put under contract.
In the past two years, Palmese has transacted or put under contract more than 40 properties with an aggregate value of over $183 million.
Meanwhile the IRFU are still some way off naming the squad of players they intend to put under contract next season.