put under duress

See: kidnap
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He built up a drug debt and he was put under duress to sell drugs to pay it off by men who are now behind bars.
The judge said the fact Davison had been put under duress, she says by a third party, and the fact she has no previous convictions, saved her from going to prison.
We learnt with sadness that in all her sorrow, the chairperson for national committee for women and youth empowerment has been put under duress and forced to appear on the press against her will even when the family undergoes difficult moments," said Oyet.
I was put under duress to undergo a head to toe cosmetic surgery which I refused," she (https://www.
That said, we have mentioned in our MiUI review that it is resource intensive, which means a verdict can only be passed once the Redmi 1S has been put under duress in our labs.
On the road, the mini estate trundles along happily and though the cabin is well insulated from wind, road and engine noise, you can detect the 3-cylinder''s rattly overture when it is put under duress.
The Brera, which replaces the GTV at the top of the Alfa range, gives an inspired performance and you always feel in control, even when the car is put under duress.
Of course, there is always the risk that a surrogate mother will claim she was put under duress to enter into the arrangement or refuse to deliver the child at birth.
He is suing the 41-year-old Chelsea boss over claims he was forced to sell shares in Russian oil company Sibneft, aluminium giant Rusal and the country's central TV channel ORT at a gross undervalue after being put under duress and intimidated.
When questioned by police, they said they had been put under duress by the three men and forced to go to the house.
He is constantly put under duress by defenders and he never feigns injury or tries to con the referee.