put under suspicion

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The appeal made public Monday makes intelligence tracking of potential suspects virtually impossible and opens up Muslims in the West to the possibility of being unfairly put under suspicion or stigmatized.
This will weaken the military's resolve and officers will then feel that they are under suspicion," Tueni said, adding, "What is more serious is that if the military establishment is put under suspicion it will make it fall under the grip of other apparatuses which will become more effective than (the army).
MADELEINE McCann's parents were first put under suspicion when mum Kate had a dream about where to find her body, it was revealed yesterday.
But I had my fingerprints taken and was put under suspicion for three-and-a-half months after my arrest.
The individuals unfairly put under suspicion remained dignified as their families suffered an emotional turmoil that led, in some cases, to serious illness and depression.