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Alleged; supposed; reputed.

A putative father is the individual who is alleged to be the father of an illegitimate child.

A putative marriage is one that has been contracted in Good Faith and pursuant to ignorance, by one or both parties, that certain impediments exist to render it null and void.


adj. commonly believed, supposed or claimed. Thus a putative father is one believed to be the father unless proved otherwise, a putative marriage is one that is accepted as legal when in reality it was not lawful (e.g. due to failure to complete a prior divorce). A putative will is one that appears to be the final will but a later will is found that revokes it and shows that the putative will was not the last will of the deceased.


adjective acknowledged, alleged, assumed, attributed, avowed, believed, claimed, commonly considdred, conjectured, deemed, falsus, ostensible, presumed, presumptive, professed, purported, recognized, reported, reputed, speculative, supposed
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PUTATIVE. Reputed to be that which is not. The word is frequently used, as putative father, (q.v.) putative marriage, putative wife, and the like. And Toullier, tome 7, n. 29, uses the words putative owner, proprietare putatif. Lord Kames uses the same expression. Princ. of Eq. 391.

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nuances of the putative father registry have recently been the subject
The current study examined DNA sequence variation in the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of nuclear ribosomal DNA and the mtDNA cytochrome oxidase I (CO I) gene in populations of sympatric Chionoecetes species and their putative hybrids to evaluate the origins of hybrids.
when several putative parents cannot be excluded by a given marker set), the accuracy of this type of parentage analysis is also of interest.
The order was alsomade 'because of the allegations being made by at least two others that they may be the putative father of Maisie'.
When a mother's rights are terminated (8) and the child is placed for adoption, the crucial issue is to determine what rights a putative father has, and also what he must do to avail himself of them.
Absence of Yersinia pestis-specific DNA in human teeth from five European excavations of putative plague victims.
Sequence analysis indicated that the tentatively named raven circovirus (RaCV) was 1898 nucleotides in size with 2 major open reading frames synonymous with other avian circoviruses, ORF C1 and ORF V1, likely to encode a putative capsid protein (Cap) and replicase-associated protein (Rep), respectively.
But an estimated 30,000 generally healthy people in the United States, mostly elderly adults, take the hormone for its putative antiaging effects.
Bayer informed the SEC it "has been named, among others, as a defendant in multiple putative class action lawsuits which have been consolidated in federal district court in Kansas, involving allegations of price fixing of, inter alia (among other things), polyether polyols and certain other precursors for urethane end-use products.
Wind gusts sporadically through the skinny pines to animate the suspended white cloth, daylight absconds, an ominous hum slowly crescendos, and, suddenly, as though the trees were dreaming, the putative zenith of pre--World War II Western sophistication blooms in the midst of Europe's oldest forest: On the blowsy sheet is projected Fred Astaire's famous dance sequence from Top Hat (1935), the orchestra's flourishes punctuated by fake gunshots.