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Alleged; supposed; reputed.

A putative father is the individual who is alleged to be the father of an illegitimate child.

A putative marriage is one that has been contracted in Good Faith and pursuant to ignorance, by one or both parties, that certain impediments exist to render it null and void.


adj. commonly believed, supposed or claimed. Thus a putative father is one believed to be the father unless proved otherwise, a putative marriage is one that is accepted as legal when in reality it was not lawful (e.g. due to failure to complete a prior divorce). A putative will is one that appears to be the final will but a later will is found that revokes it and shows that the putative will was not the last will of the deceased.


adjective acknowledged, alleged, assumed, attributed, avowed, believed, claimed, commonly considdred, conjectured, deemed, falsus, ostensible, presumed, presumptive, professed, purported, recognized, reported, reputed, speculative, supposed
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PUTATIVE. Reputed to be that which is not. The word is frequently used, as putative father, (q.v.) putative marriage, putative wife, and the like. And Toullier, tome 7, n. 29, uses the words putative owner, proprietare putatif. Lord Kames uses the same expression. Princ. of Eq. 391.

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Congress should limit those who may register a claim to two classes: (1) the States relaying their own state registry information; and (2) the putative fathers themselves or their attorneys.
the putative innocent spouse is entitled to relief if he misunderstood or lacked knowledge of the Code), potentially any spouse who is not a certified public accountant or tax attorney would be allowed to escape paying income tax.
Although the transactions at issue -- the use of goods in the state by the customers and the shipping of the goods by the seller -- established the requisite transactional nexus between the activity and the state, the Supreme Court held that there was insufficient presence nexus between the putative taxpayer and the state.
On August 16, 2005, a First Amended Complaint in the Shareholder Putative Class Action was filed against the Company in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.
Additionally, a law firm has filed purported class action lawsuits against two of the Trusts, EVV and ETG, on behalf of a putative common shareholder of each Trust, alleging breach of fiduciary duty in connection with the Trusts' redemption of auction preferred securities.
Additional studies are needed in many places to refine our understanding of putative and emerging pathogens and to determine their full epidemiologic roles.
Winters's project assembles the component parts of a ruin; call it the mapping of the modernist cognitive in the face of its putative dissolution, the myth and reality of painting as thinking.
In 1991, Peter Putative told the family court that he no longer wanted to adopt Dana Daughter, and as a consequence, the court dismissed the petition for adoption.
Because the named plaintiffs began the lawsuit as a putative class action, the Court will conduct a hearing to decide whether to approve the proposed settlement and dismissal, even though the proposed settlement (a) will result in the dismissal of the lawsuit without it ever being certified as a class action, (b) will not result in any monetary payment to any members of the putative class, (c) will not be binding upon any other members of the putative class, and (d) will be without prejudice to the rights of any members of the putative class to pursue their own individual lawsuits.
Finally, a putative brain tumor stem cell has also been isolated.
Given the identification of these putative "orphan paramyxovirus" (putative OPmV) sequences from human cells, the putative OPmV may cause human infections.
Each of those putative atoms of element 115 disintegrated within fractions of a second by spontaneously ejecting an alpha particle, which contains two protons and two neutrons.