putative father

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putative father

the alleged father of an illegitimate child.

PUTATIVE FATHER. The reputed father.
     2. This term is most usually applied to the father of a bastard child.
     3. The putative father is bound to support his children, and is entitled to the guardianship and care of them in preference to all persons but the mother. 1 Ashm. It. 55; and vide 7 East, 11; 5 Esp. R. 131; 1 B. & A. 491; Bott, P. L. 499; 1 C. & P. 268; 1 B. & B. 1; 3 Moore, R. 211; Harr. Dig. Bastards, VII.; 3 C. & P. 36.

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981(a)(7), Order Granting Motion for Search of Putative Father Registry;
nuances of the putative father registry have recently been the subject
011 in a manner that confers subject matter jurisdiction to a putative father before the birth of a child would render a portion of the statute meaningless.
By contrast, the Proctor/Choat trial was one of only eight Essex County bastardy and paternity trials to acquit the putative father.
It said that one of the reasons was 'because of the birth of Maisie to a mother of only 15 and a putative father who was 13 at the time of the child's birth and 12 at the time of the alleged conception'.
Mr King was also the putative father of Tessa, the highly popular tax-exempt savings scheme that helped to transform the savings and investment habits of a generation of Britons.
Within those care proceedings, the local authority, supported by the children's guardian (who was appointed only seven weeks after the start of proceedings), sought directions as to the involvement of the putative father and the mother's extended family.
Registration gives a putative father the right only to receive
When a mother's rights are terminated (8) and the child is placed for adoption, the crucial issue is to determine what rights a putative father has, and also what he must do to avail himself of them.
4) Rather than centering its decision on the family unit and the bond between father and son, the court focused on the fraud perpetuated by the mother and biological father and utilized equitable tolling to allow the putative father to bring suit thirty years after the birth of the son.
While Bradstreet calls her poems "ill-formed offspring of my feeble brain," Brooks writes of his essay collection having been "conceived" online through a partnership between himself, "as putative father," and Erica Gaffney of Ashgate as "partner" and Ann Donahue, also of Ashgate, as "capable and caring surrogate mother.
61) The court, although noting that this case was one of first impression, nevertheless found "guidance" in the opinion of the court in Greenwood which recognized the right of a child out of wedlock to prove paternity even after the death of the putative father.

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