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L'article Putrefaction de la viande: Akhannouch innocente l'ONSSA est apparu en premier sur ALBAYANE .
Soup kitchens were set up and when the mayor John Batchelor visited in 1882, he said there was "dirt, filth and putrefaction, with dripping walls, rotting floors and broken windows.
Historically, hundreds of chemical substances (alcohol, tannic acid, mercuric chloride, arsenic, glycerin, formaldehyde, among others) have been used to avoid the natural putrefaction process to study the human body and to preserve cadaveric dissection as an essential activity in medical education (Korf et al.
Their pleated humidifying filter lasts a remarkably long eight seasons (SHK50PR-W) before replacement is needed, and the standard-equipped silver ion antibacterial agent suppresses water putrefaction and growth of bacteria and mold.
To teach him about sex, Dali's father showed him explicit photos of people with advanced venereal diseases, and he began to associate sex with putrefaction and decay.
It usually results from disease of the gums and other structures supporting teeth, ill-fitting dentures, carious teeth, metabolic activity of bacteria in plaque or putrefaction of sulfide-yielding food (proteins), etc.
In addition to the substances that prevent cavities, gum bleeding, mouth cancer and putrefaction, miswaks have another ingredient that strengthens the gum and prevents teeth from coloring or decaying.
Even with the bodies stored well below decks, Her she could smell the putrefaction.
Les resultats de l'enquete sur la putrefaction de la viande de moutons de l'Aid El Adha ont revele un surdosage de complements alimentaires administres aux betes et ayant engendre ce phenomene, a indique hier a Constantine, le ministre de l'Agriculture.
Physiological halitosis is related to a body's normal metabolic function and refers to those situations where malodor is attributed to a putrefaction process or reduced production of saliva during sleep or hunger.
Whether natural or manmade, mass disasters often result in severe fragmentation, putrefaction and commingling of the remains of victims.