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Le vestibule de la putrefaction d'ou se degage une odeur sulfureuse, pestilentielle, et putride.
For 194 wild birds, the cause of death could not be determined because of postmortem autolysis, putrefaction, or both.
But what additional forces or events so accelerated and intensified that process such that the result would be the putrefaction made plain in the revelations of the Rotherham scandal?
Reading along, one is sure to be puzzled, delighted, intrigued, and persuaded: That Peter Greenaway's disgust in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989) has the form of chromatic progression, to be read in the compositional changes brought by Georgina's body, itself both object and agent of putrefaction manifested as color-intensification.
Meat shall be free of abnormal odour, or any evidence of putrefaction or mould infection.
In addition to the substances that prevent teeth caries, gum bleeding, mouth cancer and putrefaction, miswaks have another ingredient that strengthens the gum and prevents teeth from coloring or decaying.
And upon the same account those distempers of the Soul that arise from the want of regiment of the passions, like diseases that rise (n) from the putrefaction of humors are contrary to this Natural Law as malice that ariseth from the putrefaction of /fol.
Oil shale, also called oil-forming shale, is a kind of combustible organic rock with high ash and low metamorphic grade, which is derived from algae and unicellular lower eukaryote or remains as a result of the processes of putrefaction and coalification.
Ginzburg explores Italian popular culture through the lens of Demonico Scandella, a miller who was twice brought to trial for saying that the world had been created from putrefaction.
Meat steeped for 24 hours in a solution of one part creosote to 100 parts water is rendered incapable of putrefaction and acquires a delicate flavor of smoke.
Much sooner the putrefaction of sacred souls or some black rat vomiting up the first germ of the plague.
Assistant State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis said the remains were in a state of putrefaction and were removed from the apartment in body bags.