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One sample was so putrefied its sale breached Section 14 of the Food Safety Act 1990.
For your readers with a penchant for forensic science, it may be of interest to learn that tattoos are used by forensic pathologists to help them identify burned, putrefied or mutilated bodies.
Their putrefied corpses emerge from their crypts every night to snack on the blood of passers-by, most of them scantily clad women who seem unusually comfortable spending a quiet evening in a remote graveyard.
To this day, I can still smell the putrefied smell which was our daughter," she said.
Although I do still feel guilty about pinning the blame on one of the girls after a friend and I returned home in the middle of the night, put some pizza in the oven and passed out, leaving the pepperoni and putrefied carbon delight to broil for four hours.
Betrayed love has putrefied into hate and violence.
An FBI Memorandum later revealed that FBI Agent Jeff Jenkins left the "clothing" in the trunk of his car until it putrefied and that "Jenkins took the smelly bloody clothing out of his car and now had it in the FBI office.
It takes a warped and putrefied conscience to call for the murder of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
The body of the dead Christ does not putrefy: Christ himself resurrects and transfigures his body as a model for that of the redeemed believer, whose own putrefied remains will undergo a lesser kind of metamorphosis into an eternally changeless state.