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The tendency to hybridise internalising and externalising attitudes to the zone of putrescence is in fact very characteristic of Stalinist culture in the 1930s.
"Except there's not going to be a nice little cafe serving cake and tea waiting for me at the top of this is there?" No, more like the panoramic putrescence of the nearby waste transfer site.
The day-glow oranges and yellows create a sheen of attraction and putrescence. This is enhanced by Bloom's handling of oil paint's unique properties: its ability to develop a skin--a blistered surface that scabs and cracks.
Swinburne praises Baudelaire: "Even of the loathsomest bodily putrescence and decay he can make some noble use; pluck out its meaning and secret, even its beauty, in a certain way, from actual carrion" ("Baudelaire," p.
(52) Karl Marx, The German Ideology, "Part 1 : Feuerbach": "Certainly it is an interesting event we are dealing with: the putrescence of the absolute spirit.
It was like a cultured symphony in the putrescence of a ghetto...My mind embraced his joy as he stripped life down to its naked sores...so there I stood...dreaming of ambitious debacles...To tell the story of the world in the words of my of my own life...to mix fact with fiction to tell the truth of the imagination to express the deepest themes of existence...
Like the "rhetoric of abjection, a "rhetoric of putrescence, wetness, foulness, and death," which in Blum's thesis complicates our notion of the hero's power and sexual identity (56), the novel's comical aspect, in a complementary relation to abjection, contaminates its featured ideology of a modern, technologically conceived, masculine, and aggressive religion.
The "singular tree" of putrescence on which the men had been hanged is redolent of Beckett's solitary tree in Waiting for Godot (1952).
It's shocking but the truth is that I had actually enjoyed what I had done, revelled in its very filth and putrescence, and I am not sure I will be able to stop myself doing it again.
He reported that the prison "stank to high heaven" and that a stream flowing through the stockade had formed a gummy pond "Green with putrescence, filling the air with its messengers of disease and death."