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Putrescent sin is purified forensically, in God's "reckoning"; its grip on human lives, nevertheless, is wretchedly persistent.
It was the sense as I walked along the streets of Bonn with a wind blowing putrescent dust of rums as stinking as pepper into my nostrils, that the whole of our civilization was protected by such eggshell walls which could be blown down in a day.
THERE is an illegal dump in Co Antrim, which churns out gallons of toxic leachate (the putrescent liquid which oozes from rotting household waste) into a tributary of the Sixmilewater.
Unsurprisingly, most of the shows that came from the networks were putrescent abortions like "Fish Police" or "Capitol Critters," as the usual network hacks, sensing a trend while failing to understand it, tried to graft typical sitcom structures on this "new" medium.
And after preparing spices and oils at home, and observing the shabbat, they go to anoint a putrescent dead body, only to be themselves surprised and scared to find the tomb empty and that very body alive.
The Piccadilly has been mentioned, but a return to the Aldwych would have the concomitant effect of dislodging that putrescent "Fame.
Our objectives were to evaluate Deer Away[R] Big Game Repellent (BGR, composed of decaying putrescent whole egg solids) and powdered sulfur (99.
Yes, and many of them relish even putrescent meat," said Alaric solemnly.
Stone realized that he was dealing with an industry-related disease and hypothesized that the cause was "a specific poison, and not simply putrescent animal matter.
The signs of parodic devaluation are unmistakable in the relation of superior to inferior depicted in the opposing characters of Tomas and Vidriera (thinking/unthinking, amiable/isolated, acting/reacting, growing/stagnating, dialogic/ monologic), and by all that is heroic in the frame story in marked contrast with the putrescent social messages that constitute the core matter.
I hope this is not some new policy that Cardiff City Council refuse department has introduced because if so it is positively putrescent - or, to put in simple Llanrumney language, it stinks
And while he praised the novels of Aldous Huxley for depicting "the putrescent capitalist class with exceptional vim," he nonetheless concluded--correctly--that "Huxley is not at all in the same order as Proust, Joyce, or Eliot.