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I was in another band called Numbskull at the time, so I wasn't even thinking about doin' Putrid Pile or doin' a one-man band, but I thought, man, this was really cool though.
Then again, each time someone mentioned "The Putrid Throat" I couldn't help thinking I might have seen a prog rock band called that at Glastonbury.
LAZY campers have polluted Scotland's biggest beauty spot Scotland's biggest beauty spot wi' a putrid 30-ton mountain of wi' a putrid 30-ton mountain of human waste and rubbish.
Summary: Trash, that ubiquitous blight and putrid bother, has taken on a new meaning thanks to the Goguikian Foundation's Extraordinary Art Exhibition, which opened Thursday evening.
Various PVI clinical symptoms were observed among the selected groups of women: abnormal discharge from the genital tract, putrid odor of the discharge, irritation, itching, burning of genitals, painful sexual intercourse, menstrual dysfunction, dizuria phenomenon, pulling pains in the abdomen.
Settlement requires landfill owners to pay residents most impacted by putrid odor nearly $7 million
At Klitschko's request, protesters extinguished the burning tires that sent thick clouds of putrid smoke toward police lines.
In other words, putrid is how it smells because putrid is what it is.
The whole of Discovery Gardens is a mixture of cultures and religions and it is disgusting that we have to put up with this putrid smell.
SONNET FOR MR MENDEL This feeling This numb bruised feeling Like crushed flowers with the Stench of decay about them Contaminates me The putrid smell of rotting humus Comes to my nostrils As my brain curls and crumbles And the clouds come back The dark pounding clouds Bending my neck So that my head hands low Like a flower dropping dead-like After the heat of the mean day JOAN CARNEY
Hundreds of people suffered the cholera symptoms of fever and diarrhea in hospitals and shacks built along the putrid waste canals of slums like Cite Soleil and Martissant.
In this place, water is poisoned, air putrid from the blood belly of war