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I was in another band called Numbskull at the time, so I wasn't even thinking about doin' Putrid Pile or doin' a one-man band, but I thought, man, this was really cool though.
BEIRUT: Trash, that ubiquitous blight and putrid bother, has taken on a new meaning thanks to the Goguikian Foundation's Extraordinary Art Exhibition, which opened Thursday evening.
05) vaginal discharge was accompanied by a putrid odor with an incidence from 70.
the Putrid Puppet Pals bears a passing resemblance to Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with bold black-and-white illustrations by Josh Alves that sometimes move the story forward, and other times comment on what has just been described.
A disease known since antiquity, typhus has been described as follows: "A kind of continued fever, attended with great prostration of the nervous and vascular systems, with a tendency to putrefaction in the fluids and vitiation in the secretions; putrid fever.
Not only are there more blobs of gum than there are in Cathedral Square, but one has also to navigate the putrid morass of food cartons and empty (sometimes) drinks containers, along with the increasing piles of cigarette ends, ash and discarded packets that proliferate in the entrances to the various places of entertainment.
He chain-smoked large cigars the whole time filling the restaurant with putrid smoke.
Although the fire was extinguished after nine hours, the putrid odour of the aftermath persists.
In this compilation, the narrator of "The Color of Desire" (who remains unidentified until the story's conclusion) describes the embarrassment and desire of a young adolescent male: "You must have looked ridiculous, mute, red and sweating, without knowing what to say, in front of everyone with the buzzing of poisonous bees in your ears and brutal incessant throbbing in your temples, as if it were produced by a putrid heart hiding inside your head" The author's captivating descriptions continue in "Mere Puppets" where she amusingly sets forth the petty dynamics of a tour group in Sicily, only to do an about-face, interjecting a new emotional dimension at the story's end.
In an instant, I was showered with putrid water and debris
The men had found the putrid cargo by following a stench through stacked shipping containers to one holding 40,000 pounds of beans.
The lazy patriarch fills a makeshift silo with the stinking mess, and when the metal store begins to overflow, he dumps the putrid matter in Lake Springfield, transforming the beauty spot into toxic hell.