putting together

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Over the course of the three editions, Chambers will meet indie-pop band the Noisettes to look at what makes the perfect sing-along anthem, as well as putting together an attention-grabbing breakthrough track with super-producer Mark Ronson.
In putting together over 60 bird-friendly houses, the students learned about carpentry, mathematics and environmental issues.
When you are putting together protection, the time element is extremely important.
Putting together a publications list for all your unit's equipment could take you days, even weeks.
Putting together a program with the scope of the BCP was a gargantuan task for any combination of full-time teachers, she says, so she has been consulting on a number of fronts.
He took you out to dinner for pep talks, broke down the fundraising process into something almost manageable, walked you through the selection of campaign staff and consultants, and promised that--if you proved you were a serious candidate by putting together the right team it he DSCC would happily write the checks that might make the difference when things really heated up in the fall.
Although primary responsibility for putting together the claim rests with either the company's insurance or legal department, CFOs and CPAs will play a significant role in helping to analyze and finalize the damages.
Too often, schools go through the effort of putting together a strategic plan, and then they go back to their jobs.
If you think the stamps are clever but aren't sure whether you condone breaking the law, take heart: Hernandez de Luna is putting together an exhibit of stamps by dozens of artists, most of them satisfied to hang their creations in a gallery rather than see if they can carry mail.
Powell's attempt to put together a retrospective of black writers from across the globe, while not as international as one might hope, is certainly successful in putting together some of the best work being done by young black writers today.
Isn't it worth putting together a study, which could be produced within six months and cost less than $2 million?