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In celebration of the Year of Zayed, the 12,000-piece puzzle features the image of Shaikh Zayed , the UAE's founding father.
These learners may have had more time to puzzle than undergraduate learners immersed in their studies and with all the associated stresses and strains of university life to contend with.
Von Coelln said solving a crossword puzzle is a better use of time while waiting on a subway platform than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.
"One of our first puzzles was a roll of paper towels with the word 'mutiny' across the top," he says.
"Crossword Puzzle Treasury: Features 100 Entertaining Puzzles: Volume 1" (9780998832227, $9.95, PB, 126pp) is comprised of mind-bending puzzles in an entertaining collection are the same size as those found in daily newspapers--making it ideal for those who don't have time to solve a large puzzle but still love a challenge.
"Cra-Z-Art is very excited to be partnering with Kodak to produce high quality puzzles with rich, sharp imagery, representative of the iconic brand.
"Those ads come in at a high CPM rate because the time spent on the puzzle is much longer than a typical story, and we know people will watch the pre-roll to get to the puzzle," Temple said.
Arzzle is a subscription service and every month the company sends a unique jigsaw puzzle package to its subscribers to help them complete the big challenge.
Today, the Sunday Mail is helping our readers with extra brain training with our brilliant 16-page puzzle pullout.
* Introduce the puzzle when your cat is likely to be hungry.
Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros.