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Meanwhile Horne Fisher had considerably puzzled everybody with his new tone and attitude.
As a matter of fact, it was done by means of a magnet." Then, seeing they still looked puzzled, he added, "It was that toy magnet belonging to your nephew, Mr.
This, however, I must own, had not a great deal to do with my liking him so much, and I should be puzzled to account for my passion, as much in his case as in most others.
Greek mathematician Archimedes puzzled around 250 B.C.
51) and, indeed, the literature does include examples of positively framed puzzles such as Goral's (in press) "Why do discussion boards work so well?" or Hanks' (2015a) student, who puzzled: "Why do people learn bad words = swear words more easily?" Admittedly, negatively framed puzzles, which more closely resemble problems, are more prominent in the EP literature.