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NNA - Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, on Thursday highlighted the importance of engaging in a constructive dialogue to end the puzzlement caused by Hezbollah on the local scene, due to the party's detention of weapons and involvement in regional conflicts.
The post Swimming pool's green hue stokes puzzlement appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Fort its part, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the political scene in Egypt causes puzzlement as the dispute among political opponents seems to escalate day after day despite initiatives and meetings.
LOCSU's creation of companies for all LOCs in 2008 produced puzzlement or indifference at the time.
To the Editor: On 1 September 2007, I wrote to the Journal regarding one's puzzlement that in the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, no mention was made of the surgeon who performed the first heart transplant, or of where the operation took place.
And suggestions that Curtis Davies was 'offered' to Newcastle has caused some puzzlement.
LIVING on a small over-crowded island, it only takes a small proportion of its population to create an awful lot of litter, a social ill which causes no end of puzzlement and gnashing of teeth.
The cost-cutting decision to scrap Britain's fixed-wing capability from aircraft carriers caused consternation and puzzlement on board the ship, which some say carries the most famous name in naval history.
Their shape-shifting works were presented in NYC and received with as much puzzlement as acclaim.
The Kyrgyz officials expressed their puzzlement over statements made by Georgian President Spokesperson Manana Manzhgaladze about involvement of the third party into the protest actions of April 7 in Kyrgyzstan, reported the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic on Sunday.Interim government public health coordinator Damira Niyazalieva met with First Deputy Labor, Health and Social Security Minister I.Georgiobiani in connection with handover of humanitarian aid by Georgia."The official representative of Georgia was informed that the protest actions took place in the result of dissatisfaction of the previous authorities, difficult socio-economic situation, nepotism and corruption," the press service said.
Their names--the water-walking basilisk dubbed the Jesus lizard, the tiger heron, the bullet ant--conveyed the appeal and puzzlement and strange- ness of the place.
The puzzlement of the ruler, however, was nothing compared with the puzzlement of the people, especially the people who had lost all their money.