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According to the ECG Puzzler, a short PR interval is one that is less than 0.
The detectives in these stories were not the amateur gentlemen, lady gardeners, or police inspectors of the British puzzlers but came across as hard, dangerous mensmart-talking cynics with a taste for beautiful women, hard liquor, and smoking pistols.
This fun action puzzler is the first title from the new Apple Games Group at Namco and is a good representation of the variety we'll be bringing to the App Store," said Jonathan Kromrey, general manager for Apple Games for Namco Networks.
99 ASIN: B004WYVF2C In these times of austerity, who's going to turn their nose up at the prospect of two full games for the price of one - particularly if you're a Match-3 puzzler fan?
Puzzler Collection brings you Fitword, Crossword, Sudoku and
So we listened, took action, and today you can find your Cross-Code back again on today's Puzzler page
95) presents another acclaimed Mamur Zapt mystery: this one revolving around an outbreak of war in Europe which involves the task of rounding up enemy German aliens in Egypt--and facing the puzzler of a cat cemetery receiving a human corpse amongst the felines.
A new puzzle magazine, Puzzler Kriss Kross, launches from Beap on Friday June 14.
While it won't win any awards for innovation, for quick pick-up-and-play puzzler action, you can't go wrong.
CHIME 360 FROM the 360 marketplace comes Chime, a lovely little game that fuses ideas from Tetris and Lumines to create an addictive and colourful musicbased puzzler.
One glance at the monochrome, linear appearance of Echochrome may lead you to wonder what all the fuss is about, but within a few levels you'll be entranced by a 3D puzzler that gives thinking gamers something they've never played before.
The nom de plume that a puzzler uses is both a nod to the English tradition of puzzle writers and a way for participants of different backgrounds and ages to stand on even ground.