puzzling problem

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His little face was tense in study, for he had partially grasped, in a hazy, nebulous way, the rudiments of a thought which was destined to prove the key and the solution to the puzzling problem of the strange little bugs.
In Chapter 4, Winand, Vicziany and Datar examine the implementation of the Commercial Cooperation Agreement and deal with the puzzling problem of why continual agreements were necessary.
The Internet company tackled the puzzling problem with a study that concluded how teams work together is more important than who is on a team.
60 years later after British zoologist Sir James Gray formulated the paradox, Frank Fish from West Chester University, USA, got his teeth into the puzzling problem.
These records and the inconsistency of both sides makes betting on the outright result a puzzling problem.
It is a puzzling problem for residents of a city the Aztecs built on five lakes and which consequently suffers annual flooding.
WATERWOES: KenWarburton onWest Derby Road, Tuebrook, where flooding has become a regular and puzzling problem
The puzzling problem is believed to have been caused by some form of radio, electric or satellite signal interfering or blocking the signal that some car keys send to the engine.
Overall, the book does well in drawing together current thinking about this complex and puzzling problem.
Keeping a log of when and how long the spasms occur might help determine the cause of the puzzling problem.
However, the most puzzling problem is the omission of other nationalities from the author's story of ethnic cleansing -- here, due to the lack of space, only the Poles will be considered.
Mercury is the planet to write to on a Wednesday, also to ask for better understanding to flow between neighbours and siblings, and the right day to wish for a speedy transaction in business, or for answers with a puzzling problem.