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'We're developing the single-station pylon in response to requests by militaries across Europe, Latin America and Asia for a battlefield support helicopter that can be armed for different types of missions that may not always need four weapons stations,' said Janusz Zakrcki, president, general director of PZL Mielec.
As groundspeed increases, the pylon will move aft in relation to that line of rivets you're looking at for your sight picture.
Varying pylon bolt The towers were put up when it was open countryside and the housing sprung up around it Ian Baldock, project manager
The new bridge's three pylons have already become landmarks on the Mersey.
The Scottish Government came up with PS5million of environmental measures designed to partially offset the impact of the pylons, including treeplanting and building paths.
He could be seen standing halfway up the pylon, gripping on to a power cable and swaying in the wind.
The man came down at around midnight and, following the incident, a police spokesperson said: "The man who had climbed up the pylon is now down safely and has been taken to hospital to be checked over.
But both are lobbying against high-voltage pylons and the wind turbines that power them.
Instead he discovered their town of Lismore in Co Waterford was one of the areas worst hit by State plans to upgrade the national grid system by erecting hundreds of ugly pylons.
The eight-strong team, who donned protective equipment before being harnessed to the training pylon, doubled their original target to hit over PS12,000, which National Grid has pledged to match.
The cure for the ugly pylons was there for the bidding years ago, when the whirling raptor-choppers and bat killers were put on to the political agenda, to make sure they would not be erected on Hampstead Heath.
National Grid will install a test line of six pylons and study the construction, installation and maintenance aspects of the design at its training academy.