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I can only imagine how he would be with pylons, the noise off those things will blow his head off.
The Gateway takes shape, with two pylon bases visible
Like Paddy, the Irish Mirror is campaigning against Eirgrid's project to erect up to 1,500 gigantic pylons as tall as 60m across 700km of Ireland in a [euro]3.
The landowner receives an annual payment, which is deemed to reflect the detrimental impact on agricultural activities that pylons create.
He added: "Smaller and less intrusive pylons are also being considered.
Work to remove a string of existing steel pylons in the Cairngorms National Park started last year.
Meanwhile, a Bahraini was yesterday remanded in custody for 15 days in a separate case for allegedly vandalising another electricity pylon in Sitra, causing power cuts in the area.
The pylon has already sailed from Turkey on April 4 and would be arriving in Umm Qasr early next week," Ziad Ali Fadel told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
It was reported that housewives living near the ground feared a pylon might fall onto their homes - especially with news that one of Bradford Park Avenue's floodlights had also crashed down.
Also the field is not shrouded with pylons, the pylon would be over the proposed parking area, not the school itself.
One of the night's tasks was to install a station-8 SUU-79 pylon on aircraft 102--an easy task we'd done numerous times.