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He demanded damages for the "breakage" of the pyramid; and Phileas Fogg appeased him by giving him a handful of banknotes.
After a journey of several hours they came to a point where the river curved, and they found they must cross a mile or so of the Valley before they came to the Pyramid Mountain.
The barbarians passed over the Coliseum; the deluge, perhaps, passed over the Pyramids.
The Bible resembles the Pyramids; the Iliad, the Parthenon; Homer, Phidias.
See what one can accustom himself to.--The reflection that he must some day be taken apart like an engine or a clock, or like a house whose owner is gone, and worked up into arches and pyramids and hideous frescoes, did not distress this monk in the least.
Egypt's has opened to visitors the Bent Pyramid near Cairo, in a move that is part of a wider push to boost tourism.
Egypt has reportedly re-opened the "bent" pyramid for visitors in Dahshur, south of Cairo, after completing restoration work.
The Egyptian Ministry of Antiques is to open El-Lahun Pyramid for the first time on Friday, June 28, coinciding with the celebrations of 30 June.
In an entry on the ( ET Database , he said it wasn't visible at first as the photo was very dark, but after adding some brightness and zooming in towards it, he saw that it was shaped like a pyramid.
JR) on Friday put the final touches to a huge collage in the courtyard of the Louvre, his latest eye-popping-project unveiled to mark the 30th birthday of the Louvre's glass pyramid.
A video and several photos that were taken from the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza have sparked a mass debate in Egypt.
Bottom of the Pyramid Marketing: Making, Shaping and Developing BOP Markets