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R] Stink Bug Trap and the other using yellow pyramidal stink bug traps) evaluating the same attractant treatments.
s pyramidal skylight configuration was tested and will receive Florida impact, cycling, air, water, and structural certification.
They found a site rich with buildings, plazas and pyramidal structures, with the tallest one measuring more than 75 feet.
The pyramidal motor system controls all of our voluntary movements that proper understanding of its pathway is vital for medical students to be able to transfer this knowledge to real life clinical settings.
By taking careful TEM and EELS measurements at different thicknesses and running the results through a computer algorithm they designed, the team was able to determine how much of the signal came from the surface (where atoms were arranged in square pyramidal form) versus the bulk (where the atoms had an octahedral form).
The renovated Monastery is pyramidal in shape with five stories, built of white stone with corridors topped with semicircular arches.
It is often seen in matched pairs of pyramidal foliage either side of the front door of suburban homes.
It appeared that the pyramidal process extended all the way to the head of the stapes.
The project as designed includes a three-storey central core with a pyramidal roof, and two two-storey wings.
The pyramidal savings banks are out, and the pyramidal stamp shops are in, says Milroad Stojmanovski in Dnevnik.
It indeed develops rapidly, and, when blooming in May, the pyramidal clusters of purple flowers are quite showy.
The Bjarke Ingel Group (BIG), which made a recent splash with its striking, pyramidal design for the Durst Organization, has made a commitment to New York.