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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Barrionuevo, "Giant miniature EPSCs at the hippocampal mossy fiber to CA3 pyramidal cell synapse are monoquantal," Journal of Neurophysiology, vol.
Arrows point to pyramidal cell bodies surrounded by basket-like formations of CB1-positive fibers.
Another strategy to restore mPFC output used a group II mGluR antagonist (LY341495) to increase synaptically evoked spiking of mPFC pyramidal cells in brain slices from normal and arthritic rats [136].
Counting box area Layer of interest (x, y) ([micro][m.sup.2]) CA1-pyramidal layer 80 x 80 CA1-radiatum 60 x 60 CA1-lacunosum molecular 60 x 60 Grid Counting box Layer of interest ([micro][m.sup.2]) height (z) CA1-pyramidal layer 80 x 80 12 [micro]m CA1-radiatum 90 x 90 12 [micro]m CA1-lacunosum molecular 90 x 90 12 [micro]m Layer of interest Guard zone CA1-pyramidal layer 2 [micro]m CA1-radiatum 2 [micro]m CA1-lacunosum molecular 2 [micro]m Table 3: CA1 microglial numbers from pyramidal cell layer from animals injected with normal brain homogenate (NBH) or NBH followed by Piry intranasal injection or with ME7 infected brain homogenate (ME7) or by ME7 followed by Piry virus intranasal injection.
Neuroanatomical research showed that the dendritic morphology of hippocampal neurons was altered in STZ-diabetic rats, including the decrease in the dendritic length and the density of dendritic spines of pyramidal cells [10].
Our group counted pyramidal cells in hippocampal sectors and addressed significant sexual dimorphism in rat hippocampus (6).
Quantification of pyramidal cells hippocampal CA3 region: Pyramidal cells were quantified by direct visual counting of viable neurons using a light microscope (Motic Image Plus 2.0, China) under the total magnification of 400X.
More importantly, we found that p16-positive neuronal cells obviously accumulated in pyramidal cells of the aged brains and markedly increased in 5XFAD mice.
In the hippocampus, BDNF-positive cells were mainly concentrated in the granular cell layer of the DG and in the pyramidal cell layer of the CA1, CA3 and CA4 regions (Figure 2).
A previously developed modification of the CA3 pyramidal cell Traub model (Traub et al., 1991, 1994; Krichmar et al., 2002) was used for the neural simulations.
2001), as well as changes in the distribution of the phosphorylated form of the serine-threonine kinase Akt in CA1 pyramidal cell dendrites (Znamensky et al.
Upon his death, histology revealed that the loss of blood to R.B.'s brain damaged a small region of the hippocampus called hippocampal area CA1, which contains neurons known as pyramidal cells because of the triangular shape of their cell bodies (Zola-Morgan et al.