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Although pyromania is thought to be a disorder primarily affecting men, recent research suggests that the sex ratio is equal among adults and may be slightly higher among adolescent females.
But unlike other mental impairments, GID is dangerous, despicable, and undeserving of protection-like pedophilia, kleptomania, and pyromania.
And more about her pyromania, about the psychological mechanisms of someone who tells us, "I hadn't felt the pleasure of singed fingers since eighth grade.
She's an artist and a recovering crystal meth addict with a history of pyromania and kleptomania.
Phil Collen joined the band in July, 1982, during production of the Pyromania album.
Grant (38) described an 18-year-old male with pyromania who received a combination of topiramate (75 mg per day) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for 3 weeks.
Behaviours, such as gambling, overeating, sex, exercise, videogame playing, internet use, work (Griffiths, 2005), acts of kleptomania, compulsive buying and acts of pyromania (Schmidt, 2005) can be addictive and can interact with chemical addictions (Carnes, Murray & Charpentier, 2005; Eisenman, 2004; Schneider, Sealy, Montgomery & Irons, 2005).
A study by Coid, Wilkins, and Coid even attempts to synchronize cutting with pyromania in female prison inmates.
In particular, he has identified three states--Kansas, Nebraska, and Vermont--which form, he says, the "axis of ignition," guilty of "state-sponsored pyromania.
Taken by critics as a sign of hope, as demonstrating "the impotence of bureaucracy finally to subdue and regulate human nature" (Davis 232),6 Miles' pyromania remains uncured to the very end, as the novella closes with his being married, at the insistence of the state, to a Miss Flower, and clearly on the cusp of his third and final act of arson: "Miles felt ill at ease during the ceremony and fidgeted with something small and hard which he found in his pocket.
You see, all 16-year-old boys have a little pyromania as part of their critical thinking repertoire.