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While the leader is away, and this year it is even more dangerous as the party has two leaders in waiting, a small band of political pyromaniacs set about turning up the heat.
Would pyromaniacs have a compulsion or compulsions to start destructive fires?
Pyromaniacs have a severe inferiority complex, and this state of mind seriously impairs their normal functioning in society.
Combining flammable liquids with a naked flame is usually best left to stuntmen and pyromaniacs.
Perhaps the pyromaniacs in this and other areas of Huddersfield could consider other people before indulging their obsession with polluting the air.
If you like your clubbing enhanced by stilt-walkers, pyromaniacs and the odd reptile then this night from the Manchester outfit is just for you.
THE pyromaniacs at Coronation Street complete a whole year without any enormous fires/explosions/nuclear incidents.
It just wouldn't have been the Lakers, suddenly the world's most renowned pyromaniacs, playing with fire again, right down to the closing minutes.