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Accuracy The accuracy of this analytical procedure was verified through estimating the recovery of known amount of pyruvic acid (50 [micro]g [ml.
In order to investigate the applicability of the proposed spectrophotometric method for the measurement of pyruvic acid in agriculture real samples, two different brands of onions were analyzed.
Heating Derivatives Time (min) m-HB 57 C[degrees] 15 p-HB 45 C[degrees] 30 DHB 75 C[degrees] 64 p-DMAB 25 C[degrees] 15 Table 2: Application of the proposed spectrophotometric method for the determination of pyruvic acid in onions Sweet Onion Pungent Onion Proposed Reference Method Proposed Reference Method Method Method 480 * 486 1180 1186 450 476 1210 1208 510 505 1183 1190 420 456 1207 1210 520 525 1195 1201 X: 476 490 X:1195 1199 s.
The color formation reaction is based on the reaction of pyruvic acid with some benzaldehyde derivatives in an alkaline medium to produce products with yellow colors which exhibit maximum absorbance at 414-446 nm.
Death End Points Studies: were performed by transferring cells after exposure to the inhibitors (sodium bicarbonate, pyruvic acid, sodium citrate, FDP, Zn acetate and oxalic acid to new complete media and observation for growth regeneration for a 6 week period.
This study analyzed the in-vitro responses of the A549 and MRC-5 cell lines upon their exposure to pyruvic acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, FDP, Zn acetate, and Oxalic acid.
The assessments performed in this study proved that pyruvic acid is effective in the treatment of lung cancer due to its ability to destroy the lung cancer cell line A549 without effects on the MRC-5 normal lung fibroblast cell line.
Pyruvic acid, sodium citrate, FDP, and sodium bicarbonate, and Zn acetate did not cause pH changes or massive cell debris.
While malic acid determines the more agreeably perceived fruity acidity, pyruvic acid is responsible for the caramel sour taste of the coffee beverage.
While the content of formic acid, acetic acid and quinic acid partially increased marginally, the concentration of pyruvic acid is altogether lower than during the initial measurement.
The glucose so produced or the glucose absorbed from diet undergoes a series of reactions through anaerobic glycolytic pathway in the tissues to produce pyruvic acid and then lactic acid or the pyruvic acid undergoes oxidative decarboxylation to form acetyl Co-A which is channelised into aerobic Kreb's cycle, which in its cycle generates reduced nucleotides (NADH and FAD) for the ultimate generation of biological currency, ATP through electron transport system.