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Death End Points Studies: were performed by transferring cells after exposure to the inhibitors (sodium bicarbonate, pyruvic acid, sodium citrate, FDP, Zn acetate and oxalic acid to new complete media and observation for growth regeneration for a 6 week period.
Phenylpyruvic acid (PPY) (Sigma USA) pyruvic acid (PYR) 2-oxobutyric acid (KB) 3- methyl-2-oxobutyric acid (MKBA) 2-oxoglutaric acid (KG) 3-methyl 2-oxovaleric acid (K3MVA)4-methyl-2-oxovaleric acid (K4MVA) monosodium salt (Fluka Switzerland) were used.
Antisera against SGL-II and SGL-I, which are specific to 3-O-MeGal and 4-O-MeGlcNAc, respectively, stained neuropil of ganglia Furthermore, anti SGL-II antiserum stained perineural tissues Antiserum against FGL-IIb, which is specific to pyruvic acid bound to galactose at the non-reducing end of glycolipids, only stained nerve bundles distinctly.
While malic acid determines the more agreeably perceived fruity acidity, pyruvic acid is responsible for the caramel sour taste of the coffee beverage.
The results show that the volatile compounds given off by the skin are primarily fatty acids, although there are also others such as lactic acid and pyruvic acid.
Propylene glycol metabolizes in the blood-stream to lactic acid and pyruvic acid, chemicals produced in the body during normal glycolysis, whereas ethylene glycol is metabolized to oxalic acid.
if oxygen is available, pyruvic acid from glycolysis diffuses into the -- matrix.
The glucose so produced or the glucose absorbed from diet undergoes a series of reactions through anaerobic glycolytic pathway in the tissues to produce pyruvic acid and then lactic acid or the pyruvic acid undergoes oxidative decarboxylation to form acetyl Co-A which is channelised into aerobic Kreb's cycle, which in its cycle generates reduced nucleotides (NADH and FAD) for the ultimate generation of biological currency, ATP through electron transport system.
The color formation reaction is based on the reaction of pyruvic acid with some benzaldehyde derivatives in an alkaline medium to produce products with yellow colors which exhibit maximum absorbance at 414-446 nm.
The pungency of onions can be rated on a numeric scale based on the amount of pyruvic acid present in the bulbs.
Additionally, Hb adducts with pyruvic acid at the amino terminus of the [beta]-chain (in [HbA.