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QUACK. One, who, without sufficient knowledge, study or previous preparation, and without the diploma of some college or university, undertakes to practice medicine or surgery, under the pretence that he possesses secrets in those arts.
     2. He is criminally answerable for his unskillful practice, and also, civilly to his patient in certain cases. Vide Mala praxis; Physician.

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Meanwhile, People Teacher Forum Deer Bala demanded to government to reimburse the affected teacher staff that have completed or partially lost their houses in the earth quack.
About Quick Quack Car Wash Quick Quack Car Wash has 19 locations in Texas, California and Colorado.
When rains block the muddy paths disrupting the access of the villagers to health workers, quacks that operate in the vicinity are the sole source of help.
MAKING A HOUSE CALL Doctor Quack, Ken Scott, at Pockerley Waggonway, Beamish
A separate category is of dentist quacks that can be seen running their shops and stalls in various parts of Lahore, especially the walled city and public places including railway station, general bus stand and Data Darbar etc.
Professor Cox said: "A duck quacks rather quietly, so the sound coming back is at a low level and might not be heard.
Nancy Linton," a hand-colored lithograph of the same era, illustrates the dubious benefits of taking Swaim's Panacea, while "The Travelling Quack," an 1889 political satire, assails British Prime Minister William Gladstone for promoting an "Infallible Home Rule Ointment.
The conclusion was a duck's quack definitely echoes, just like any other sound -but you might not notice it.
After receiving numerous e-mails and calls about its duck, Aflac began selling a variety of duck items, including a stuffed version of the duck that quacks "Aflac" when squeezed, on its Web site.
Although a homeopathic practitioner may be a seasoned expert in his or her field, the absence of widespread homeopathic legislation helps discredit its practice and creates more room for quacks.
It's said that a duck's quack doesn't echo; no one knows why.
He took a deep breath and gave a loud quack, quack, quack, quack