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QUACK. One, who, without sufficient knowledge, study or previous preparation, and without the diploma of some college or university, undertakes to practice medicine or surgery, under the pretence that he possesses secrets in those arts.
     2. He is criminally answerable for his unskillful practice, and also, civilly to his patient in certain cases. Vide Mala praxis; Physician.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'The intention of the state government through the committee is to stamp out quackery in the state and to prevent the way innocent people are being killed by unqualified medical personnel and hospitals,' she said.
The icing on the cake proved the Supreme Court's order in 2018 that made the PHC a lead agency in the fight against quackery. The districts governments of Punjab were ordered by the honorable court to facilitate the Commission's anti-quackery efforts.
But, it later fizzled out without eradicating the menace of quackery.
It is pertinent to mention here that since April 17 this year, pursuant to the Supreme Court orders, teams of the PHC had visited more than 17,300 treatment centres, and closed down 5,400 quackery outlets.
Dr Sultan said SHCC is an autonomous regulatory authority to ensure the quality of healthcare and eradicate quackery in the province.
He demanded of the federal and provincial authorities concerned to educate people about the menace of quackery, increase the strength of qualified doctors in rural and urban slums and launch a crackdown on quacks to eliminate this menace from the society.
He said that YDA give one month dead line to the government and health department to take quack action against all quackery doctors in hospitals as well across the province otherwise YDA will take agitation against quackery in the province.
Not only did the Delhi Medical Council, under the IMA, found the state government's " excuse" funny, but the high court too was " shocked" over the state of affairs in the anti- quackery cell of the Directorate of Health Services, Delhi government.
The meeting was told that the council had decided to join hands with the district and provincial authorities, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and both electronic and print media to ensure an effective drive against quackery in Pakistan.
Most people think of chiropractic as, at best, something good for back pains and, at worst, pure quackery. The profession has had a long ride to public acceptance since its beginnings in 1895, when Daniel D.
The auditors might even devise a quackery quotient or a nincompoop nexis that would calibrate the extent to which the company had fallen prey to rampant lunacy.
So just what is quackery? Simply put, quackery is the promotion of a medical remedy that doesn't work or hasn't been proven to work.