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Commissioner Bahawalpur Saqib Zafar assured the meeting that prevalence of quackery and selling of spurious medicines would be wiped out in the 3 districts of Bahawalpur division through the collective, effective and coordinated efforts of health department and other relevant government agencies.
Although the purpose of promulgation of Punjab Health Commission Act 2010 was to improve the quality healthcare services and to ban quackery in all its forms but the Health Department failed to implement the same.
Dr Tahir Ullah, Incharge Dental and Maxillofacial, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar that quackery, non professional doctors and lack of education were major causes of rise in dental diseases.
He said the Punjab government had made the Healthcare Commission Act 2010 under which all DCOs and EDOs health were to end quackery in their respective districts but the commission had not worked properly to curb the treat of quacks from the province.
He said political will was required among the legislators for adoption of the ordinance and also its implementation so as to counter growing quackery, with wide range of connotation.
He said PM&DC as per its amendment act of 2012 has started formation of specialists medical boards at local /regional level so that medical dental education in the country is promoted more effective and it will help to eradicate quackery.
He said the Punjab Government had made a Healthcare Commission Act 2010 under which all the DCOs and EDOs health were bound to end quackery in their respective districts.
The meeting also discussed possible collaboration between the Punjab Healthcare Commission and the district management in tackling quackery in the provincial capital.
The meeting decided to launch an extensive drive against the menace of quackery in line with the directives of the Supreme Court.
The locality, home to over one million people, has become a hub of quackery, like many other parts of Lahore.
Despite the focus on the EU in the title, the longest piece has to do with the resurgence of quackery in the United States, which the author maintains is now even worse than in the late nineteenth century.