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QUACK. One, who, without sufficient knowledge, study or previous preparation, and without the diploma of some college or university, undertakes to practice medicine or surgery, under the pretence that he possesses secrets in those arts.
     2. He is criminally answerable for his unskillful practice, and also, civilly to his patient in certain cases. Vide Mala praxis; Physician.

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Our quacky little friends can largely take care of themselves, but days of torrential downpours meant that those of us hoping to see Frankel deliver a performance worthy of the final display of his immense ability were treated beyond all expectation.
Quacky Races takes place for the third year down the grand cascade at Alnwick Garden on Sunday, September 12.
Featured products include toothbrushes, stickers and an entertaining book to help kids and parents understand the importance of dental hygiene called My First Toothbrush: Quacky and Jackie Learn to Brush.