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This interpretation is supported by results from our quadrat surveys, which were conducted by divers at a finer scale than that of the scrape tows and which indicated there was no relationship between crab density and worm tube density.
Because oysters living on mangrove roots could not be sampled appropriately with a quadrat, those animals were not quantified and are not included in the results.
Because each territory of vegetation consisted of four separate quadrats, while each molting location consisted of only one quadrat, we standardized the data by averaging the territory plots (total territory vegetation/number of plots).
The representation of the number of alien taxa per quadrat using colour coding (Mitchell, 1999) and subsequent comparison of all quadrats under study were done with GIS software ArcView 9.
Each treatment tray was wetted with 500 mi of water prior to placing 50 grass seeds in each quadrat for a total of 600 seeds per treatment tray.
Arranged over seven small spaces, felicitously forming a square, are approximately 80 paper works (loaned from the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop as well as the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation) covering Albers' career from the 1940s onward.
A random numbers table was used to determine the number of meters (0-9) a quadrat was placed from transects.
2] sampling quadrat (square survey block) that included a radio-collared moose on a particular day.