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3 (most-derived dichobunoids [dichobunine Dichobune, hyperdichobunine dichobunids; might include other dichobunids with quadrate hypoconiferous Ms] plus caenotheriids); Ms relatively selenodont, quadrate; tritubercular distal lobe with distinct metacone, metaconule, and hypocone; TV continuous; paraconule reduced/lost (OW).
Results showed the pneumatic cavity of the left quadrate bone was filled with material that was homogeneously hypointense to fat and hyperintense to muscle (Fig 1).
The rectangular outer shell forms the framework of the ground level that is dominated by circle and quadrate.
Cooperate culture, costumer orientation and innovativeness in Japanese firms: a quadrate analysis, Journal of Marketing 57: 23-27.
Percentage of cover was estimated visually guided with 50 subdivisions (20 x 20 cm) of the quadrate.
Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares)" - Wassily Kandinsky
Relevant anatomical features diagnosing this taxon as a primitive member of a subset of species within the genus Salvelinus include: a broad, dish-shaped hyomandibula; a quadrate in which the anterior and posterior borders form an acute angle; and a long, flat maxilla.
Using the quadrate formula, the Fredholm integral term in (48) becomes
It is characterized by an erect flattened blade arising from the discoid holdfast, having 'hairs' from the surface edge and surface cells that are quadrate or rectangular in rows (Fletcher, 1987).
2]([OMEGA]) a Hilbert space of real functions integrable with the quadrate in the area [OMEGA], where the scalar product is defined by the equality