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Joshi et al [15] reported 58% rectangular, 20% bicornuate, and pear shaped, quadrate, oblong, heart shaped, square, and inverted pear-shaped Caudate lobes in 22% of their study, whereas we found four different shapes of caudate lobes; which were rectangular (61.
There was above 60 pieces of different food products counted in each quadrate at the beach of Paradise Point.
Antenna black; pedicel with a circle of black apical setulae; first flagellomere short, somewhat quadrate, 1.
3 (most-derived dichobunoids [dichobunine Dichobune, hyperdichobunine dichobunids; might include other dichobunids with quadrate hypoconiferous Ms] plus caenotheriids); Ms relatively selenodont, quadrate; tritubercular distal lobe with distinct metacone, metaconule, and hypocone; TV continuous; paraconule reduced/lost (OW).
The substrate composition of the stream bed was determined by line quadrate method following Cummins (1962).
Peripheral vestibular disease associated with otitis media extending into the left quadrate bone was diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.
While performing a task, one set of cores will be active and the other quadrate will be idle, thereby under utilizing its full potential.
Zheng, "Performance-optimized quadrate bowtie RFID antennas for cost-effective and eco-friendly industrial applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
The transition matrix of this model has a quadrate structure as presented in (11).
Percentage of cover was estimated visually guided with 50 subdivisions (20 x 20 cm) of the quadrate.
All plants of crop and weeds were counted and related fauna was captured from prescribed quadrate.