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As Sir Richard Steele says, `Gluttons who give high prices for delicacies, are very worthy to be called generous.' In short I am resolved, from this instance, never to give way to the weakness of human nature more, nor to think anything virtue which doth not exactly quadrate with the unerring rule of right."
It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to suggest any general regulation that would be acceptable to all the States in the Union, or that would perfectly quadrate with the several State institutions.
Cosmarium is characterized by having generally solitary cells, semicells rounded, reniform, pyramidate, quadrate with entire or undulate margin; subcircular to elongate-oval (biradiate) in apical view; cell wall smooth with scattered pores or ornamented; one to several chloroplasts per semicell, axial or parietal, and as well as other desmids generally inhabit acidic, oligotrophic, aquatic environments and occasionally subaerial or in basic, eutrophic water (Guiry and Guiry, 2017).
In the projection of breeds on axes 1 and 3, AN, AP, and TG might form one group while SN and JAM were in a single quadrate with each other (Figure 2).
Fields surveyed were done according to the quantitative survey method by using 0.5m x 0.5m size quadrate with 20 samples from each field.
Valva moderately elongate; dorsal margin slightly concave medially; ventral margin gently emarginate at basal 1/3; cucullus more or less quadrate with rounded outer margin, with dense, strong setae along near margin.
Five synapomorphies are commonly listed in catfish literature to support the monophyly of the subfamily Heptapterinae, namely: 1) "posterior limb of fourth transverse process laterally expanded above swimbladder and notched once to several times"; 2) "neural spines of Weberian complex centrum joined by a straight-edged, horizontal or sometimes sloping bony lamina"; 3) "process for insertion of levator operculi muscle on posterodorsal corner of hyomandibula greatly expanded"; 4) "quadrate with a free dorsal margin and bifid shape, its posterior and anterior limbs articulate separately with hyomandibula and metapterygoid"; 5) "presence of an anteriorly recurved process drawn out from ventrolateral corner of mesethmoid" (Lundberg et al., 1991: 198-199).
Stem often erect, sometimes prostrate, occasionally julaceous, [+ or -] pinnately branched, branches 1-2 cm; stem transverse section round-oval, with central strand, large and thin-walled medullar cells and 4-5 layers of yellowish-brown, thick-walled cortical cells enclosed by a well developed hyalodermis; axillary hairs abundant (4-7 per leaf axil), with 3-5 hyaline or brownish apical cells; pseudoparaphyllia foliose, broad, [+ or -] quadrate with irregular mar gin.