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To record habitat use frequency by Grey francolin in selected habitat types, 80 quadrates (40 in CSWS and 40 in DDGR) on 40 transects of 0.
A total of eight quadrates of each crop were sampled during a sampling and sixteen quadrates in a month.
Number of points and quadrates with each species, total stand density, absolute density, basal area, as well as relative frequency, dominance, density and importance value for each species were calculated following Cintron & Schaeffer-Novelli (1984).
Evaluation of nymph and adult population densities were done with two methods including sweeping with hand-net and counting square meter quadrate [2, 5].
We examined predictor variables at two different scales, 7 X 7 km and 15 X 15 km quadrates with dens at the centre.
When the herbaceous layer was very poor and sparse (only a few species or plants were present), the occurrence of species was recorded across a whole plot; in the cases the herbaceous layer was prosperous, quadrates of 1 m x 1 m were used to count plant species.
We quantified the density of all live snails and dead shells by timed visual searches (5 min search per sample point; snails of all sizes were counted) within 48 X 48 cm quadrates at each survey point.