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Each replicate consisted in a core sample of the top 20 cm of sediment, using a cylindrical corer (14 cm in diameter), within a randomly chosen 20-x-20-cm subsquare of one independently dropped quadrate.
Counting quadrate has the advantage of estimating the Sunn pest population above ground can be obtained to any increased degree of accuracy by increasing the number of quadrates [5].
When the herbaceous layer was very poor and sparse (only a few species or plants were present), the occurrence of species was recorded across a whole plot; in the cases the herbaceous layer was prosperous, quadrates of 1 m x 1 m were used to count plant species.
The rice field was divided into nine quadrates of a square meter surface with 15 cm deep water.
2] quadrates in each aquarium were selected randomly, and all larvae within the quadrates were counted by naked eye.
2] quadrates were located at 1 m intervals (n=25/transect), odd-numbered quadrates to the right even-numbered to the left.