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QUADRUPLICATION, pleading. Formerly this word was used instead of surrebutter. 1 Bro. Civ. Law, 469, n.

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5 mL of PBS were added to each of 4 separate test tubes for testing in quadruplicate.
Each treatment was performed in quadruplicate and each compound was tested at the five concentrations given.
Lines measuring four inches in width and 15 [+ or -] 1 wet mil in thickness were applied in duplicate on 202 N and quadruplicate on I-80 E.
We have introduced the concept of "technological responsibility" because in the sustainable enterprises from the automation field all these four domains must be incorporated for a durable development and thus, the sustainable enterprises management becomes an integrator management of quadruplicate line.
The Wall, he feels, has to be understood in the context of the bureaucratic mindset of the Roman Army, which issued documents in quadruplicate.
The soils were set up with +B (1 mgB/kg soil) or -B treatments in quadruplicate in 6-kg aliquots.
To be fair, you wouldn't need a degree in psychology and body language to quickly gather that he's a man who would happily move mountains for his company and the chamber, just so long as they weren't Alpine ranges in quadruplicate and hot off the fax machine.
It is programmable up to a 5-point calibration curve, and it operates in single, duplicate, or quadruplicate testing modes.
In the past, reps would be required to come back to the office, fill out an entry form in quadruplicate, then make sure copies reached people in accounting, pagination and production.
If Princess Diana were not involved, two traffic cops would be typing up a routine accident report in quadruplicate and dropping it into the in-box of a police department bureaucrat.