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Quaerere Deum: that was their motivating force and so they transformed European culture from within.
From Spanish, querencia means literally 'lair, home ground', from querer 'desire, love', from Latin quaerere 'seek'; it also refers to the part of the bullring where, during the fight, the bull takes his stand.
et nos fas extera quaerere regna (If the towers of Carthage / and the sight of the Libyan city charm thee, a Phoenician, / why, pray, grudge the Trojans their settling on Ausonian land?
Cives mihi mundi, nolite quaerere quid America pro vobis factura sit, sed quid coniuncti pro libertate hominis facturi possimus nos.
The civil and structural engineering design was developed by the Birmingham team at independent engineering and environmental consultant Gifford for the Quaerere Academy Trust.
WSA) '(who were) seen in glory, and said of his departure which he was to accomplish in Jerusalem' 11) Et ipsi coeperunt quaerere inter se quis esset ex eis qui hoc facturus esset (Lk 22.
The name Q3 is based on the Latin word quaerere, which means to search for and to seek after.
Si veto quaeratur de tota universitate entium quare magis est in eis aliquid quam nihil, non contingit dare causam, quia idem est quaerere hoc et quaerere quare magis est Deus quam non est, et hoc non habet causam.
Passionate Spirituality: Hildegard of Bingen and Hadewijch of Brabant is a substantive contribution to a re-appreciation and re-appropriation of vernacular theology as inimical to the passionate encounter with the numinous at the heart of the quaerere Deum [search for God].
et quaerere semper / commutare lucum, quasi onus deponere possit" (III, 1053-1054).
origin is "acum in meta foeni quaerere," but the phrase is also quite common in various vernaculars.
17); "Nec prolem autem carnalem jam hoc tempore quaerere .