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QUAESTOR. The name of a magistrate of ancient Rome.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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already served as a military tribune, a quaestor and an aedile, before
With the exception of a stint as quaestor in Sicily, he ranged no further than fashionable Baiae in the summer.
Silanus, quaestor. The name is an unusual one, and has been the subject of various interpretations.
Marius tribune of the plebs in 62, and quaestor in 50, M.
(36) The suggestion of Keaveney (Klio 66 [1984], 121) that he was quaestor of C.
Servilius Caepio for having brought about the Army's defeat by the Cimbri through rashness (103), and secured Caepio's exile; served as quaestor to Marcus Antonius (grandfather of triumvir Mark Antony) in a campaign against the Cilician pirates (102-100); tried for treason for actions taken during Caepio's trial, he was acquitted through the efforts of M.
Florio Vincitore took the first division under James Doyle after the race turned into a dual up the home straight with jointmarket leader Quaestor.
We might have known more of such manoeuvres if Polybius's text survived in full, but one fragment shows that in the former states of the Archaean League those who had supported Diaeus were condemned to death or exile,(76) their property confiscated and sold off by the Roman quaestor (Plb.
If such precedent exists in the matter of the breeches themselves (nix quaestor sunshine), how much more so in the matter of the seat thereof: a zone which must, in necessitate, be above and beyond "the probing fingers of the judiciary and ever-questing tentacles of the law" (see Lord Justice Peregrine's summing-up in Regina v Guccione, Bow Street Magistrates' Court, Summer of '68 passim)?
from Spain, where Balbus was serving as his quaestor.(46) Pollio says that if Cicero is interested he can get a copy of the praetexta from Cornelius Gallus.(47) The whole tone of Pollio's letter shows how much he disapproved of Balbus' general behaviour and especially of his boastfulness.

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