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utpote quem neque sui quaestus urget ratio, & alienae industriae fiducia reddit segnem).
PK) is pleased to announce that company has signed a joint venture agreement with Quaestus Advisors and has formed Whole Earth Systems LLC which shall engage in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of self contained indoor cultivation systems for fruits, vegetables, fish farming and medical marijuana.
A plausible and appropriately salacious edge is given to Suetonius' highly rhetorical formulation ad mangonicos quaestus sustinendae dignitatis causa descenderit by the suggestion of A.
The complete text is: "Qualitas lucri negotiantem aut excusat, aut arguit; quia est et honestus quaestus, et turpis: verumtamen poenitenti utilius est dispendia pati, quam periculis negotiationis adstringi; quia difficile est inter ementis, vendentisque commercium, non intervenire peccatum.
an entity controlled by Quaestus Management Company contributed the stock of Caribbean Communications Corporation, an operation which includes five broadcast signals in the English speaking Caribbean, in exchange for ownership interests in Cumulus Media, Inc.
Klemmer was General Partner of Quaestus & Company, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, strategic planning and marketing consulting firm that he founded in 1989.
xiNETix board member, Anders Ulegard, chairman and CEO of Quaestus SA of Geneva, Switzerland, will also join the S&H greenpoints.
The investor group includes Norwest Venture Capital and BankAmerica Ventures teamed with 21st Century Communications, RRE Investors, and Hambrecht & Quist as well as existing shareholders QUAESTUS Management Corp.
Company description: QUAESTUS is a private investment management firm specializing in the information and media industries, including computer software and services, electronic commerce, information content, new media and traditional media.
Currently, Bridge is also a principal in QUAESTUS Management Corp.
Newly-appointed Board members include Anders Ulegard, Chairman of Quaestus S.
Bridge is also an executive vice president of QUAESTUS Management Corp.