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This is a huge amount of wine for less than a fiver and crafted in an extremely quaffable style.
For a crisp and quaffable budget white perfect as an aperitif or with turkey breast, the Verdillac 2013 Bordeaux at $10 is a steal.
Overall, it is beautifully balanced, juicy in the best possible way and entirely quaffable.
An inexpensive but quaffable red with a decent body should do.
We also lightened the body of the beer, making it incredibly smooth and dangerously quaffable.
Sainsbury's House selection pinot noir is from Romania an, d at under a fiver, is eminently quaffable with poultry dishes, pasta and cheese.
My friend chose the house red which she also stated was a little too quaffable.
And they point out England's wine industry, after a dodgy start, is coming up with some eminently quaffable bottles.
The product itself is very refreshing, with light ginger beer characteristics and a sensible abv of 4% that certainly makes it quaffable, particularly when chilled.
But when beau nouveau, a light red wine as quaffable as Kool-Aid, became pretentious and pricey, I started recommending California old vines zinfandels and Oregon pinot noirs and Australian shirazes.
All one needs to do to get a taste of vintage wine, in just a matter of minutes, is to pass an undrinkable, raw red wine between a set of high-voltage electrodes and it becomes pleasantly quaffable.
For a house wine it was exceptionally quaffable at pounds 2.