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Certainly, in my experience, the sub-tenner stuff from South Africa is more of an easy drinking, fruity option that lacks the complex minerality of the wines from Savennieres for instance - but it's a nice change for an easy quaffer.
5%abv, it's not a wine to be dismissed as just a summer quaffer - too much alcohol in it for that - but it has that lightness of touch that is perfect for sunshine drinking.
99 at Tesco) offers vibrant strawberry fruit and a creaminess that makes it more than just a party quaffer.
What I also smell here is our old new friend, the health and safety lobby, scared that some quaffer with a sly lawyer will somehow sue for mould on the palate.
25) is a light-bodied, juicy, cherry-flavoured quaffer from the St.
From Western Australia, it's got great balance and a nice length, making it an ideal quaffer for such a lovely summer dish.
It was a refreshingly light, summer quaffer, and it also went with light foods.
Best white quaffer of the year is the 2002 Marques de la Villa Malvasia from Spain.
99 at Tesco) is a strawberry and redcurrant flavoured quaffer.
99 from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsbury, and represents a good value summer quaffer (16).
As bone dry as the Rev I M Jolly and with a nudge of nuttiness, it's a pleasant quaffer.