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But most KFCs have winding queues of chicken quaffers, anxiously waiting in Iard-Iumpy lines for their deep-fat injection.
roaring quaffers (56-57): "quaffing, roaring," Hawkins, Apollo Shroving (1627); "we quaff, we roar," Middleton, More Dissemblers Besides Women (1615).
The event's yearly draw of thousands of thirsty quaffers is a testimony to its popularity, and since it started in the Arco Building Atrium years ago it has outgrown several venues.
Not so long ago, Monterey wine meant no-frills, easy-on-the-pocketbook quaffers.
No wonder our single malt quaffers and beer guzzling critics think we're nuts.
Calling all dedicated quaffers - Superplonk is a new wine reviews website you may want to bookmark.
This is unfortunate, as I consider many of these light, fruity, low alcohol wines perfect summer quaffers which can be consumed easily with breakfast/brunch, as aperitifs or with fresh fruit as dessert,"
Kotrba has designed a four-tier membership: Quaffers, Drinkers, Keepers and Custom Case.
Big-name beers, including Budweiser, Miller High Life, Miller Lite and Coors, posted flat performances, and many recession-wary quaffers traded down to less expensive beers.
Quaffers should make a bee line for the beer bar which will have a German theme including Krombacher on draught.