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roaring quaffers (56-57): "quaffing, roaring," Hawkins, Apollo Shroving (1627); "we quaff, we roar," Middleton, More Dissemblers Besides Women (1615).
Or for that matter, its modern incarnations--the easy-drinking, inexpensive "quaffers" cranked out by mega-wineries in Australia and California.
The event's yearly draw of thousands of thirsty quaffers is a testimony to its popularity, and since it started in the Arco Building Atrium years ago it has outgrown several venues.
Not so long ago, Monterey wine meant no-frills, easy-on-the-pocketbook quaffers. A few large wineries dominated the landscape, and their wines, while serviceable, weren't exactly exciting.
No wonder our single malt quaffers and beer guzzling critics think we're nuts.
Calling all dedicated quaffers - Superplonk is a new wine reviews website you may want to bookmark.
This is unfortunate, as I consider many of these light, fruity, low alcohol wines perfect summer quaffers which can be consumed easily with breakfast/brunch, as aperitifs or with fresh fruit as dessert,"
Kotrba has designed a four-tier membership: Quaffers, Drinkers, Keepers and Custom Case.
It's called Scoffers, and it's next door to a wine shop called Quaffers. All it needed for a hat-trick was a sweet shop called Toffers.
The Dutch are becoming habitual espresso quaffers. Recent figures show that some 31% of Dutch bar/cafe coffee service is by espresso machines.
Big-name beers, including Budweiser, Miller High Life, Miller Lite and Coors, posted flat performances, and many recession-wary quaffers traded down to less expensive beers.
REMEMBER that glorious Saturday we had last month, when the sun tanned the pavements and the beer gardens of Merseyside were crammed with quaffers and gourmands soaking it up while it lasted (all too briefly)?